TF4 - The Angry Soldier

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Hati meets a soldier....
symbol of anger, can't accept the loss of his frends....
like Hati...

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what did he tell him?

I'm not sure if I've seen your series before, but I'm surprised that I haven't picked up on it or followed it up until this episode...

For starters I love the animation style and your manner of conveying the story to the audience, both of these aspects really go hand in hand - I guess what I'm trying to say is that your animation really adds to the fable like quality of your story. I could almost picture your animation as being the result of a dark and ancient folk tale springing to life from a book. The animation itself flowed nicely and seamlessly from one scene to the next, quite eye pleasing, and really conveyed the emotions of the characters right - from the uncontrollable rage to the wonder of the "small child". Oh, and there's alot of analysis that could go into that, such as the battle within and confronting emotions and letting go of the past and that sort of thing, but I won't bother because that takes too long and also maybe I'm just looking into this deeper than I should. What I will say though, because your animation can raise so many moral questions and that sort of thing, it is what marks a good story from the others, and you got that nailed so well done.

I guess I found it difficult to pick up on the ultimate point of the story itself, which is probably because I haven't watched the series up to this point properly or continued to do so...maybe it'll make sense more, or start to.

One last thing, I really like your music choices, goes well with conveying the overall mood and most of all from one of my favourite bands :D

In any case, this really looks promising, keep it up. I'd like to see more, a lot more :)

twinfang responds:

Thank you. This was one of the most beautiful (and useful)comments I have received!

Whatever the story is taken from a book written by me, and is correct what you have seen about it!

lovely, i dig it keep up the good work

You, my friend, truly have an act for creating a great story. The battle scene was gripping! the red and white vibrating text made it even more so! and the rage, well, the rage was simply frightening! I'm looking forward to chapter 5!

I really love your art style and the storyline man! Just wish there was a start button but no big deal!
Keep up the good work man

twinfang responds:

start button ok! ;)

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4.70 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2012
5:55 PM EDT