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Andysworld - Short

rated 2.34 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

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Apr 7, 2012 | 4:27 PM EDT

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Author Comments

EDIT: I renamed this series to Ãf¢"Ã'¢Pablo's Corner, also I have a tumblr. [ask-megaman511again.tumb]

Hey hey, this is my first animation, Edd Gould inspired me to.

(I'm only 13, and I'm pretty good at this, must keep on animating..!)



Rated 4 / 5 stars

4! First off, at least it's not a loop. The other one you made (not the saxophone thing) was completely pointless but this one is a whole lot better. I can see you're trying to follow Edd Gould's style and you're not half bad. The animation is actually kind of great. Not as good as Edd but nonetheless great. Keep it up dood.

One thing I noticed, try to make you're characters more distinct. I know the clothes are, but the faces look a little bit too alike.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

If you want my opinion, this is decently good. Your other two loops aren't realy in my interest; but they're good for loops. Also, like you, I'm not very old and Edd definitely inspired me. I'm working on my first real animation too. Your great already, and this has an Eddsworld feel to it.

To me, that's a good and bad thing. Cool because it's a cool video, but partially bad simply because people might say your copying. I think for you it would be good to stick with this for awhile, yet maybe think up a new name for your series.

Either way, nice video.

Megaman511again responds:

How's â"¢Pablo's Corner?


Rated 4 / 5 stars

What's the music called?

And nice job man ;D

Megaman511again responds:

Check the "Credit & Info" section.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

To the people that post rude things, I shall point out the little warning at the bottom of every review box that states: "Remember, you're submitting a REVIEW for this CONTENT. This isn't a place for you to make smug jokes, post stupid nonsense, or act like a total jerk. "

Now then. I enjoyed the animation, and I think it's great that Edd inspired young people such as yourself to do these animations. Similarities are evident, but honestly, it makes me feel that Edd is still here.
great job :)

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Megaman511again responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars

andysworld is dumb edd vs andy edd wins by him not being a copy cat

Megaman511again responds:

Ok, sure the name is copied, but the episodes are original, look at the flash animation, do you see Edd Walking in his house going upstairs drinking Cola, while Matt has a Pet Pokemon named Pikachu, while Tom is watching a commercial with Bacon Pants, didn't think so.