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a Skyrim Story

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alright, so.
4 MONTHS ago, I began laboring to create the ULTIMATE Skyrim parody. Then I dicked around for 4 months.

This still clocks in at around 6 minutes, so grab some popcorns!

EDIT: Aw gee whiz, i got front page! Thanks, i'm literally swelling up with gratitude!


great. but for the part where the vilalger says "You might run into a wolf or two" should shown the gragonborn being beat up by that ice troll.
all in all it was good and funny

this sums up skyrim

lol very funny
probs the best parody

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about 99.999999999% percent every's first try on skyrim

I hate to nit pick... but I have to. The broken tower where you fight the first dragon is the opposite direction on the map. XD HAHA. But anyway, best parody for Skyrim I've seen so far. Animation was good, well thought out. Jokes we perfectly places and hilarious. And I'm guess you've probably played the shit out of Skyrim, which makes us brothers in arms.

even if its alittle late that doesnt make it any less awesome XD i would gladly watch more of them if you made the storyline even

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3.98 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2012
12:34 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody