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alright, so.
4 MONTHS ago, I began laboring to create the ULTIMATE Skyrim parody. Then I dicked around for 4 months.

This still clocks in at around 6 minutes, so grab some popcorns!

EDIT: Aw gee whiz, i got front page! Thanks, i'm literally swelling up with gratitude!


pretty sweet. loved the length and the ideas

almost blam'd it.

animation was poor.
sound was poor.
voices were stupid.
The only reason I gave it a star is because the script was somewhat unique compared to every other skyrim parody.

Ultimate? I wouldn't agree. Not streamlined? I agree.

Hello, some constructive criticism;

All in all I thought this was pretty good, you obviously worked hard on it.

I'm glad you acknowledged that this parody was a bit late, early on in the flash, I was thinking the exact same thing as I started watching. The artistic style was quite basic at times purposely, but the majority of it was good, and works for what you're trying to achieve here. The sound quality was really good, and I liked how you used it really effectively to give a sense of depth in some scenes, but at times it sounded like you might have been a bit close to your mic when recording some of it.

Overall it was pretty swell, my kind of humour, although I felt your last joke was a bit weak to end on, but i understand it was a good point to end at. Your credit sequence looked really unprofessional I'm sorry to say, I get that it was meant to look rough and easy-going, but it looked really cheap and the font you used was horrifyingly lame. As a last note, plug other channels like your youtube at the end of your animation rather than the beginning, it's very unlikely someone will check out your channel before they've seen your work.

Well done! Hope this helps, and I'd like to see more in the future!

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McBinkles responds:

Hello, thanks for your suggestions!

A lot of people said that the art/animation was too simple, and i'd agree with that. I didn't actually have a tablet while making most of this, and i just used a mouse...
and yeah, i was too close to the microphone a few times when recording, but i had a sore throat from sickness, and from recording the screaming parts, so i thought i'd save my voice and leave it as it was. It seemed to bother some people more than others, but whatever

anyway, Thanks for your criticisms!

Choppy animation, crappy art, nice and long, semi-clear overall message, weak emotional effect

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HOORAY!!! THIS IS THE BEST SKYRIM PARODY I'VE EVER SEEN!!!.........subscribe to his yootubez O_O

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Apr 7, 2012
12:34 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody