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alright, so.
4 MONTHS ago, I began laboring to create the ULTIMATE Skyrim parody. Then I dicked around for 4 months.

This still clocks in at around 6 minutes, so grab some popcorns!

EDIT: Aw gee whiz, i got front page! Thanks, i'm literally swelling up with gratitude!


Not the most exciting Skyrim parody I've ever seen.
But still pretty good.

I like it, though the mic quality could have been better and we could have done with a better recap of the tutorial level, other than that i liked it and had the same basic feelings and experiences.
Good job otherwise.

Pretty nice, it was enjoyable. It's well-written and the voices are funny, though the mic quality could be better.

Though the drawing style is kinda flat and basic, I like the animation that accompanies it, it looks pretty nice when, it's fluent, and it makes sense. Like when the characters move, there's this ease effect, I usually don't see things like that with animations.

I like the lip-syncing, but at times it seems a little off, their mouths move allover the place... BUT it's better than mouth-flapping, so I'll give it to ya.

Overall it looks nice, voices aren't too shabby, but most importantly... the dialogue, it's quite impressive, it's actually funny and interesting to listen to, I'm quite intrigued.

Very nice, you seem pretty good at making decent-length comedies, it's very rare I see a Flash cartoon that makes me laugh because of its dialogue, usually people just resort to abrupt endings and just plain nonsense to get laughs. Though yes, there was plenty of nonsense in this cartoon, it was done well. and wasn't like absolutely insane or anything.

Very good! :)

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I liked that one guys bouncy nipples. Huhuhuhu~

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3.98 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2012
12:34 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody