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Evolution of Goverment

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Money has a funny way of corrupting things... Vote Ron Paul 2012!


As plain and "okay" as the flash was, it was also great for those reasons. It felt like an animated political cartoon, more than a typical flash video. Kind of interesting.

I guess to add to it, I'm on your side as well. Ron Paul 2012.

Although it might make no sense, there is some sort of message if you ask me

JT37 responds:

"Money has a funny way of corrupting things..." :)

This was a very accurate description of the government, but when you slapped the Vote Ron Paul in my face, it felt like an ad. Was it a joke? Ron Paul only has like 70 delegates right now.

JT37 responds:

You hit the nail on the head buddy; it is a Ron Paul ad. I had intended to release this before the VA primary when it was just him v Romney, but life got in the way. I thought I'd release it anyway. I know RP doesn't stand a chance at this point (he was always to dovish for the GOP) but his message of fiscal responsibility and non-interventionist foreign policy deserve some attention.

If it was'nt for that vote for Ron Paul message, this flash would have been better.

JT37 responds:

Sorry you feel that way; RP was my muse, haha.

joking right? jk I'm not going to get into politics. i liked the concept but if i where you i would spend some time explaining stuff just a little more if you made it again. it was a bit short

JT37 responds:

Thanks man. Yeah, I was going for short and sweet. As government grows, the money needed to sustain it grows. In the last 100 years or so, spending has exploded (propped up by the federal reserve) to support multiple wars and nation building. I'll work on thoroughness in the future; I just wanted to get this out before RP's campaign was more of a dead horse than it already is.

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Apr 6, 2012
9:25 PM EDT