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Faerie Alchemy

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Trainee 10 Points

Unlock the 10th element.

Adept 25 Points

Unlock the 11th element.

Master 100 Points

Unlock the 12th element.

Author Comments

!! UPDATE: Medals should be fixed as soon as the new version decides to go live. Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions! We read all of the comments and they are very helpful. We desire to make this the best game possible. If you want us to for sure see your suggestions please post them here: http://bit.ly/IXztec

What wonders await those brave enough to follow the alchemical path of magic? Transmute the magical elements together in your cauldron to form great and valuable creations. Collect resources to attain a masterful level of skill.

Faerie Alchemy is a game by Subsoap.

This game is also free on iOS and Android. Search the stores! We will be updating this game with MANY features, and we will be keeping this game free forever, no third party ads, no in-app purchase, no pay to play. Just a great game for free.

Current Features:

- Easy to learn but difficult to master game mechanics.
- Can you create all of the alchemical elements?
- Collect elemental resources for future use.
- Get and surpass local and online highscores!
- Learn the practice of alchemy!

This game is still in development. If you have suggestions for how we can make it better please join us in our support community: http://bit.ly/IXztec

Your 5-star rating motivates us to release more updates and make more games.


Either I am the unluckiest person on earth, or the elements are designed to always spawn in the worst possible locations. If it's set up so that if the element fuses in one spot it'll set off a chain it won't fuse there, on the other hand if fusing in a certain spot will screw up a nice chain it'll always fuse on that spot. This annoying 'randomness' keeps this from being a very fun and addicting game.

Not too shabby. Now, here are my suggestions.

First, fix the music and SFX levels. Whenever the music comes on, the SFX drops considerably in volume. I also don't like how each of the music tracks are separated by 1-2 minutes of ambient noise. These audio issues distract me enough to prevent me from becoming immersed in the game.

I would also suggest giving the player special abilities to help lessen the influence that luck has on the game. When you transmute a group, a bar fills up with Mana (or Energy or Ether or whatever). When the player collects enough, they can spend some for one use of a special ability. More powerful abilities cost more Mana, of course. Here's a list of example special abilities, not necessarily in order from weakest to strongest:

- Swap: Switch the position of two adjacent elements.
- Polymerize: Let the player drop a special Polymerize element. When it falls, it destroys all elements in the same row, and becomes the highest tier element that it destroyed. No points are earned for liquified elements.
- Dissolve: Let the player drop a special Dissolve element. When it falls, it destroys all elements in the same column, and becomes the highest tier element that it destroyed. No points are earned for dissolved elements.
- Implode: Let the player drop a special Implode element. When it falls, it destroys all horizontally, vertically, and diagonally adjacent elements, and becomes the highest tier element that it destroyed. No points are earned for exploded elements.
- Compress: Click any element with one directly adjacent matching element. The two elements will merge into an element one tier higher in the location you clicked. No points are earned for the elements you transmuted in this way.
- Break: Break the molecule to be dropped into two single elements. The player can then drop them in one at a time. The element on the left side or top side of the molecule is dropped first.
- Elixir: Let the player drop a special Elixir element. The Elixir element transforms into the element that it lands on.
- Heavy: The next molecule to be dropped is imbued with the Heavy property. A Heavy molecule does not split when dropped. If a Heavy molecule does not make a match when it lands, it will descend one row by swapping its position with the elements directly below it, and check for a match again. It will continue to do this until it makes a match, or hits the bottom of the field. The elements in a Heavy molecule lose their heavy properties once a match is made.
- Exchange: Switch the current molecule with the one in the Next window.
- Destroy: Destroy the current molecule, and move on to the one in the Next window.
- Chaos: All elements currently in the field are scrambled.

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Wow there's a 12th element o_O I could only get to the dragon(10th)

it won't show anything the screen just turns white. what the hell!

To be blunt, not entirely original, based to much on luck, and medals do not seem to work.

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4.18 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2012
5:46 PM EDT
Puzzles - Falling