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Le Avengers Meeting

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Just a small lego stop motion animation in celebration of the upcoming Avengers movie. So, watcha' think? Again, don't take it seriously, and it's not really suppose to make any real sense, it's just for a cheap laugh.

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It was pretty short, but it's good to know that people are still doing stop motion here.

I think the Hulk animation was pretty nice, and the other special effects were well placed. But I just didn't think the story made much since. I also think that raising your FPS to 15 would make smooth animations for your characters. Since you seem new to brickfilming, I would suggest going to Bricksinmotion.com for guidance. They have a wonderful community and can answer questions you may have. Keep practicing! ;)

FlyingWookiee responds:

This was actually put together in Sony Vegas 8 with an FPS of 30. The reason for doing so was so that it would be easier to add in the effects, rather than do it ground up in Flash. Thanks for the critique though. :)

Hahaha, this was great.

samuel jackson is the shit xDDD

Sorry, but this is the epitome of everything bad about watching stop-motion on the internet. If you want anyone to take you seriously, don't use god****lego minifigures. It IS posible to make good looking lego stop-motion. It IS NOT possible to make a good-looking video if you use the minis. Why? Because the minis are pretty much the symbol of "uncreativity," they all look pretty much the same, they aren't really your creations, they look ridiculously unprofessional.

FlyingWookiee responds:

So where's the part where you actually contribute some helpful advice and not your opinion as to why lego minifigures suck?

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Apr 6, 2012
1:55 PM EDT