Pysanky Egg Decorator

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Draw on the egg with wax crayons or stamp. Dip the egg in the glass to dye it, then draw on it with more wax. When your egg is done, burn the wax off with the candle to reveal your design.

Need more help? Here is a tutorial video: http://youtu.be/O5EkEwpum fk (Remove the space)


It's pretty good, though it could use work.

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Ehh I enjoy it.

EmeraldEmpire responds:


Glad you liked it ;)

Below this will probably be another easter decorating game that I gave a "0" to for the lack of design and lying to say that I could "make my egg the way I wanted it" when clearly I couldn't. THIS game on the other hand, I am giving a "5" stars for actually letting me make my own pattern, taking me back to days when I used to make colored eggs for Easter as a kid, and for actually being educational of sorts as well. Unlike the one that will probably be below this game passing judgement, there was thought put into this and it deserves high praise.

EmeraldEmpire responds:

Thanks so much!

I really appreciate your comment, it makes me glad that we decided to put this up on Newgrounds :)

Happy Easter!

Pretty cool, the egg is a little awkward to control, but still cool.

EmeraldEmpire responds:

Thanks! It was our first time messing around with using physics in a decorating/art type game. Hopefully we will get better with practice ;)

Not really my kind of game! But can see how young kids could have a lot of fun with this. For 10 minutes at least. The idea of the wax on / wax off introduces a nice degree of randomness into how the final design will work out; and the shading mechanism in the glass is done well. And the fact that you can save your egg is nice.

I'd give it half a star for an adult, but given the audience is clearly not me, think it deserves a little higher...

EmeraldEmpire responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

I always hesitate to put our games on Newgrounds, since I realize that much of it's audience is not our demographic... but might as well :)

I do agree that most of the users on this one will probably be a bit younger, though I like it :P
(I'm Emerald the girl/artist half of emerald activities, my fiance Booradley does the coding and it isn't really the type of game that he plays either.)

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3.31 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2012
12:00 PM EDT
Simulation - Other