Zero Gravity

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simple but addicting game. use the arow keys to move and doge the yellow bricks.


Good game but there is only two levels and the 2nd one i went through the green blocks on the left and kept going up. Eventually when I completed it it went back to level one.

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Maybe I'm missing something, but it seemed like there were only two levels, being repeated on loop. Didn't really find the gameplay addictive either - the slidiness of the controls just was a bit frustrating. And why does hitting a certain-coloured block kill me? A bit too random for my liking.

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very fun endless game.

No instructions and no sounds.

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You have an okay concept here, but it needs to be expanded.

Please work on the artwork for the game. Most of the sprites, if not all, were from older titles, and while that's good for beginners to learn how to do stuff, it's best that you get away from using copied sprites and start creating your own originals. Do it simple to start; you don't need to be animating Mega-Man X right off the bat. Another thing about this was that animations were almost non-existent. Sure, the little flame that the jet makes is animated, and so are the mystery blocks you imported from Mario, but other than that, there really is nothing. Understandable, considering all of the actual obstacles in the game are stationary, but still, it felt flat without the animation to really give some character to the game. Maybe you could add some moving clouds or have the plane turn when it goes left and right.

Alright, now gameplay. First off, zero-gravity means zero-gravity. Going upwards instead of down isn't zero gravity; it's only different in the fact that you're heading up towards an object instead of down. In actual zero-gravity, there are no forces pulling anything in any direction. Second, fix your hitboxes. For some reason, I kept on losing when the plane itself had not touched the yellow block. The part of the plane sprite that you can graphically see should be the size of the hitbox, not the entire sprite size. This led to precise maneuvers having to be made in order to avoid the corner of the object touching the yellow block, or the abuse of a glitch that stopped your plane if you held a movement key towards the side of a block. This brings me to my third and final point: the level designs are a bit awkward. The first of the two levels is good (although some of the yellow blocks are in nonsensical locations), but the second one has a couple of problems. For one, you can just go to the left and automatically win, and for the other, some of the obstacles in there weren't actually obstacles; they just blocked your way for a few seconds, and since there's nothing to escape from, these only served as annoyances.

Now the UI. The controls were awkward in the way they handled. You had to literally juggle between left and right to stay in a straight path if the glitch stated above wasn't possible. Another problem with them is that it takes a while to accelerate in one direction, but you it takes nothing to decelerate and switch directions. This killed me a few times because normally, the rate of acceleration is equivalent, or at least somewhat near, to the rate of deceleration. It makes for awkward flying because it's not natural.

A couple other things that this could have made use of are sound and a story. Sound is pretty much necessary to make good games because they're otherwise less interesting and can prevent the full engrossment of a player. Stories give a purpose to a person's action, and can also be driving points in games. These can really help boost a game if its gameplay isn't the greatest, because even if the gameplay isn't that great, people would at least stick around for an ending.

This game has potential, but there are plenty of issues that need to be addressed before it can really shine. Focus on fixing the problems that the game already has before moving on to bigger things.

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2.05 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2012
9:54 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other