"Lost in the Woods"

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***FIRST TIME WORKING WITH FLASH** (student project)

Confused and alone, a young woman finds herself lost in a what seems to be an endless set of woods. Desperate for hope, she eventually stumbles across an old house. She makes the choice to go inside the house, only to find someone has been 'waiting' for her....


lol it was creepy until Robert Downey Jr. popped up and then i LOLed. Interesting style of animation. I found it refreshing and strangely effective.

no joke, scared the crap out of me. That's what I get for having my headphones plugged in.

This was actually awesome style and creation.

not bad at all , its a good style and with a litl work you could make great vids , and for a first time u did realy well , id would be better in my oppinion tho with dif emotions , and ... the laugh at the end ... i`d skip it ^^

wtf weird animation.

bennboy88x2 responds:

Haha, yeah I know. It was a simple animation created for school. First time working with flash. Thanks for the feedback ;)

Very little attempt at ANIMATING, you took a few pictures, and just had them move from point A to point B (and by move, I don't mean walk). The ending was kinda stupid, and honestly wouldn't captivate or frighten a young child. Hell, you rely on Photoshop effects to set the mood, and it just makes it look low-quality.

bennboy88x2 responds:

LOL! Calm down hater. It was for a class project. My FIRST TIME EVER working flash cs5....but I guess you wouldn't know that with your well though-out, judgmental criticism. Thanks for watching ;)

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Apr 6, 2012
4:37 AM EDT