Seasonal Maze

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This was sort of an experimental game I made, which changes based on the season and time of day that you play it. It's also low enough memory to fit on the Sony PSP, if you haven't upgraded to the PSVita yet and still have a console with Flash player!

I found this to be a fun little time waster that you can come back to whenever, especially as you can try it at noon while it's super easy, or play it at 2AM when you can barely see a thing.


An interesting idea here

OK cool i was glad i had a chance to see and review this at first i was iffy, but really glad i got the chance as it was pretty good and there was some un-expected things going on that really kept me interested, and i look forward to even more, OK so this was an interesting idea, i didnt quite get alot of it, but would have been nice if you added some sounds, some music and sound/fx, by adding those additions it could be much better i thought, but you did present an interesting idea here and it was somewhat fun but does need some extras about it, and i believe thats all i can really judge here, but like i said it was notbad could use some more though. And to close out here, you have amazed me with the style and the fun factor you brought to this, so i do hope to find more work from you, But anyways you have a good idea some interesting things happened and again i look forward to more of what you can present us with.

As always i may have a few ideas or even just one or two ideas, but they are things that i may have saw throught the submission that could use a new approach or just even cleaned up so just look into them and if i dont leave anything then it was a plus of an entry. So as mentioned this could use more sound/fx. more music, and more sounds all around, just something to think about.

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Kwing responds:

Yeah, I'm using this as a mini game in a work-in-progress I have going on. You'll definitely see more of this later on!

this kinda sucks ):

Kwing responds:

You kinda suck ):

I like the game and how you got the concept of how the game changes depending on the time of day...I'm playing at 4:58pm Pacific time...I'm not sure if this is how it's supposed to look currently based upon time zones or what...but whatever, I'm rabbling..anyways, like it, hope you can implement this into a REAL.

Kwing responds:

I plan on making something better in this style. Perhaps some Facebook game or an app that keeps people coming back every day, who knows?

The seasons determine how stamina works, but the time of day only affects your visibility. The closer you are to noon, the more you can see, and the closer it is to midnight, the less you can see. Playing this game at 11 at night is pretty difficult, for instance.

Not really fun but it gets relly annoying that when u complete the first lvl then u keep on doin mazes no matter what happens so its, BORING!

Kwing responds:

Well that's kind of the point of the game. Not sure why this deserves a 0. If there's something you would rather be doing, I encourage you to go and do it.

I just found this game to be too confusing. It doesn't help that there's no sound. It is pretty cool to see what's going to come up next because you literally have no idea. I can't tell if the acorn picture is a part of the actual maze. I mean, I advance to the next level when I don't touch it. Anyway, this game was just a bit too bland.

It's weird to see all this stuff going on and not being able to understand it. It's just too basic to recommend. I think the idea is good, it's just not done in the best way. You could probably add in some shadings and sounds. I do think the timer is kind of nice.

Kwing responds:

This game was made more of an experiment. I'm dabbling with making games that change depending on the date, and this is my first real dive into the idea. Ultimately I would like to create some kind of hour-sized dungeon crawler with level design that changes every day, especially if I could have players go in and interact with each other. Anyway, yeah, what I have right now is extremely simple.

The acorn you're talking about is an autumn leaf, which means that you're playing in the fall. In the winter, spring, and summer, there are different effects on the gameplay. Perhaps I'll find a way to add more gimmicks in the future based on different mechanics.

As for the whole limited visibility maze thing, I'm actually going to be using this as an interlude between random battles in an RPG that I'm working on, so if you like the idea, you'll probably like my new game. Both this game and the one coming out are also PSP compatible, if you're wondering why there's no sound (I'm trying to create low memory games).

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Apr 5, 2012
8:59 PM EDT
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