Alien Attack Yaytime

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Hello! this is my first actual game! just a nice quick little shootemup sidescroller go kill some aliens!


Pretty good game, but a replay or play again button would be nice.

AxelrodGames responds:

Ok I've been hearing this one alot, I'll try to get this implemented, normally i think a reset button would be fairly easy to put in but my code is a bit messy so will need some playing around with to get a reset button going.

Good start, but you need a restart/play button for when you die & something for health, otherwise its almost unplayable. Otherwise its fun.

AxelrodGames responds:

Hmm, yes, either power ups or a repair option in the upgrade menu.

Not bad for a first game, the option to repair would be nice.

AxelrodGames responds:

I agree! I actually intended on adding one, but then began work on the upgrade screen, and well, sorta forgot.. :P thanks for the input though!

Not a bad first game at all. Although the art definitely shows you're new to flash, it's relatively well animated (or at least better than I could do). The gameplay is standard, something that may be bad for an experienced game developer, but is not too shabby for a first game. The music also fit generally well with the rest of the game. Some things you could address (Withstanding the art) are the general lack of a replay button, something that all games need, and I found a glitch where there would always be enemies still flying on the screen when I was in buy mode. Not bad for a first game though.

AxelrodGames responds:

Ah yes the enemies on the upgrade screen.. I knew sometimes a few of them would go by, I didn't know there was a glitch where they would keep coming, I wasn't sure the best way to work around this, I will look into this further. Thanks!

This being your first actual game, I'll go easier on you.

If you were to improve on the sound effects, and actually work on the art, this game would be decent. You have the mechanics well. The game itself is very limited right now though. If your not very good with artwork, then I would recommend you find someone else to do the artwork for you (since your good at programming, and I wouldn't mind helping out). Also, adding a storyline here would give this game meaning, and would truly improve the experience. Otherwise, this game will be lost in a sea of shoot em ups, since it does not stand out in the least. I'll be more than glad to help you out in anyway I can, from organizing a collab to helping you out with content.

Here on NG, its best to take a long time and submit quality work than too spend a little while on something that is the same as everything else, or dull and mundane.

AxelrodGames responds:

I truly appreciate a great critical review such as this, yes, I am not very good at the artwork, It also didn't help that I didn't spend much time on the art, the bulk was spent on programming (which I am decent at I think), I suppose I could try to add a small storyline, I don't think all that much will come out of it though, I might be better off starting from scratch on a new game that trying to completely overhaul this one, thank you for your review.

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2.34 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2012
7:02 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight