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It always works.


I.. What.

Audio should have been louder. I know you were going for an old 1950's look with the black and white, but the audio was still loud back then. Good animation and funny facial expressions. Only thing I hated was the ending. Bullying is better than disobeying Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Spazkid responds:

thou shall not kiss boys

Wow. You know, it was great.
I personally don't think this method would work but man, that was funny! I laughed through most of it.
I never predicted the ending though. Why did they kiss? That destroyed my mind.
It was great nonetheless.Nice job.

Golly! That was pretty funny dawg. I liked the B&W art style, nice music (Prontera BGM was a great choice).
Oh and I'm not sure if the Audio was intentionally fuzzy, but you should try recording in a closet or fuckin' around with it on Adobe Audition or Reaper to clean it up.
Sure it may have been REMOTELY Egoraptor-esque, but it ain't a ripoff... Fuckin' 12 yr olds...
Thanks For The Good Flash Sir!
Cassette pla-Ipod.

It's not that simple, but golly that was pretty funny. It reminds me of thos old 50s insparational movies for school... hope you do more.

Love the ending too.... except I didn't understand what you said after "And then they kissed"

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Apr 5, 2012
3:49 AM EDT