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FrogMan the Series Episode 3

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EDIT: 5-25-14 I have uploaded a video version as well, so now, if anyone even cares, this should now be able to be viewed on a mobile device. The video version isn't the best quality 'cause I don't have the source files any more, but it's the same version taht's up on youtube! I have also fixed the errors in this description.

Woohoo! Episode 3! I did not think I would be uploading this one so shortly after episode 2, but I managed to get the swf below 20mb, so here it is.


Title: Gangsta Frog

Run Time: 10:57

Original Air Date: 11/14/10

Description: Wise Frog, Toady, and Chick Frog make a gang to get rid of a local problem. Meanwhile, FrogMan goes on a drinking spree, and bites off a little more than he can chew.

You may notice the animation style change roughly half way through, that's cause the first part of this episode was the last time I used anime studio, and that sudden change is me switching to flash, so yeah...
Well, enjoy, and feed back is appreciated.

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Even with the somewhat bad animation cut in the episode, the humor is a better than the first two episodes. I feel it's a bit more of a relevance to me.

Still, there's some problems that were not addressed. The animation is still poor, and the lines are still mostly choppy. Well, this shows improvement!
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artistunknown responds:

Yeah, this was the episode that I finally switched over to using flash, half way through the episode though, and I didn't know a lot about flash at the time, so that ugly look is there halfway through. At least you found the plot and humor a bit more appealing! The writing and animation are a tad better in the 4th episode, and they are majorly improved in the 5th. Thanks for the review!

Wouldn't somebody wasted have a drowsier voice? The breaking of the fourth wall in the beginning also felt kinda awkward, not necessarily funny, but merely a disconcerting atmosphere.

There was something wrong with the writing. I can't exactly say what since I'm not sure, but it felt fairly uneventful, and without a solid structure. Analyze an episode of classic Simpsons and their dialogue; no matter how uneventful, it still feels like there's a plot structure within.

This was a problem with Kirbopher, and it's also a problem here: it's well established that Wise Frog is the "badass" kind of character - him cursing is fine, but him cursing in every sentence is overdoing it.

I like your sense of humor - though, its execution needs a little work. For instance, the scene with the cop could've been great had it been executed a tiny bit better. Though it's a bit repetitive. The same kind of humor is present throughout the whole episode. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but...

For example, "Last Exit to Springfield" is commonly regarded as one of the best Simpsons episodes humor-related. Why? It fits in so many different types of humor without appearing deliberate.

The plot here is comparable to South Park, but doesn't really have the same execution that made South Park - a show in which most of its episodes' synposises sound silly, but its episodes are great - great.

Some scenes, on the other hand, like Wise Frog's conversation with Scruffy were executed in a great manner.

artistunknown responds:

Yeah, writing wise this episode and episode four are a little weak, since this ones subplot only lasts a couple scenes, while the main plot is going strong, and in episode four, there isn't a subplot at all. These were back when my writing skills weren't the best...
Voices, again not that great voice acting, we've improved a lot since then...
Uh, not sure which fourth wall breaking you're referring to (I'm guessing the live action segments) but yeah, those can get awkward some times.
Wise Frog really isn't the badass of the show, he just thinks it, that role would belong to Scruffy, we'll be seeing more of him later, and why this is. Yeah, Wise Frogs swearing habits probably should be dimmed down a little, I think I go easy on it in future episodes, the next episode is alright with it, except for the very last scene... But we'll later find out he suffers from a certain ailment, I can't remember which episode it is though...
Again, all of this is due to my writing abilities at the time, I get a lot better after episode four.
Yeah, sometimes I try to aim towards south park level of geniusness (people who have read the script for the halloween episode, episode 9, have said it's better than south park at this one spot, and that's one of the 15+ page episodes). Trust me, after episode four, the writing gets a lot better, and don't worry, I still stick to my style of humor.
Yeah, Wise Frog and Scruffy go really well together. There's even an episode in season five that's a war episode where they are on the battle field together, really good episode in my opinion, can't wait for that one, heh.
Well, I'm glad you liked it. Not sure how well episode four is going to do (I think it's worse than this one...) but yeah, we shall save that for tomorrow.
Thanks for the review.

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Apr 4, 2012
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