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Dragon Riders

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Your aim is to defeat all enemy riders by bumping into them while flying higher than them.
For every 5 eggs you collect you get a bonus life.
When you kill enemies quickly you get a bonus multiplier!
Use arrow keys or WASD to move.

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i like the game is fun kinda retro i enjoyed it

reminds me alot like bubble fighter. well done!

A good Joust clone with excellent graphics

This is a fun little game, and Joust has always been a perennial favourite of mine on the NES. I especially liked the graphics, and I played this game for longer than I expected. However, I think the game suffers for the comparison to its source material. The loops in the bgm were obvious, and became infuriatingly repetitive, compounded because of the tense nature of the gameplay. Also I thought that the dragon controls weren't responsive enough. Moving along the ground was arduous, and turning around was frustratingly slow. Also the flight mechanics were a bit clunky so it didn't really feel like flight. Finally in terms of personal preference I think that this would have suited a story mode with varied level layouts and something to compel the player through the game. Overall however, I really enjoyed the game and it was a pleasant surprise.