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Brave watermelon

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Guys, thank you very much for the good reviews! When we'll do a sequel, we'll consider all comments and will try to make the game more interesting and userfriendly.



One of the few games I've spent an hours playing cause I didn't want to admit how bad I am :-P

Great idea, but I'm over it though cause there is no punishments (unless your score slowly goes down or something I didn't notice), and I reckon the platforms should have a adjustable movement speed cause they seem slow after awhile. Possibly just me but I believe it would be an improvement.

Everything else is really good, including the music and the different challenges. Keep up the great work :-)

slyscrew responds:

Thank you!

As everyone has already said, the games pretty difficult, but if anything this adds to the addictiveness of the game. Controls are okay, but could use some polish. Not being able to move a platform till your melon has touched it was a big downside in my opinion, a simple control for switching between platforms you operate would make a big difference to controls. Another thing i think you need is a restart button, having to wait on the second last level for the melon to bounce off 3 platforms if you miss before you can have another go can get more then slightly annoying if your struggling.
Otherwise solid and addictive!

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I agree with everyone else. The controls make it VERY difficult, but make it addicting. The only thing that wouldn't make this game 5 stars, would be the controls. If you can, you should make a sequel, with better controls! Over all, great game!

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The Game isn't all bad trust me!
Granted, I am still playing it at the moment
It's a good Idea, nonetheless,
Some problems arising as I play is the need for the Watermelon to be near a platform to control it
and the bad handling of the platforms
The physics work as they should
And the music is generic or just something put there to make sure you aren't sitting in silence
All this game could benefit from is better reaction on the platforms (Not taking so long to turn), maybe being able to control more than one such platform at the same time, maybe even some phase-through platforms
Other wise a good game,
It may be difficult but the creator intended it
There's no way around it, but the ability to pick up goodies and keep them past dying is a nice addition
But as seen from the "bosses" the creator knew you would lose alot
But I digress, It's an ok game, and if you don't mind I will continue playing until I rage quit ^-^

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3.21 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2012
12:58 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other