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Hi everyone! I had so much fun making "The Pitch" for the holidays in 2010 that I really wanted to make a Passover sequel. I finally got a chance, gathered the cast and made "The Focus Group" a reality! I hope you enjoy this ridiculous send-up of spring holiday traditions.

Big thanks to the Newgrounds community for Daily 3rd Place, front page, lots of views and some interesting and unexpected religious discussions in the reviews!


Let me preface this with, I am not religious at all, and try to look at both sides of religion.
I agree with you in some respects. The Easter Bunny is just stupid. It does not come from any religion, some make the argument that it is based on pagan beliefs. That argument is false, pagans do celebrate fertility around Easter because it is spring, however, there isn't a bunny handing out sweets anywhere in their history.
As for the Christen take on Easter, I believe that this video makes some good points. The Old Testament was pretty messed up. God was much more vicious and bloodthirsty compared to the benevolent God of the New Testament. This video does a good job of pointing out some of the failings of a book made thousands of years ago, yet there are and always will be steadfast believers who will follow it to the grave. That is their choice and I believe we must respect that. That doesn't mean that we can't poke fun at it, like this video does, it just means that we can't be abusive towards those who speak their beliefs or minds (I am looking at you FluffyDemon), at least not in good moral standing.

As for the video, as I said above, it touches on some good points, although it uses a strawman argument to prove it's point. I would prefer a slightly more balanced presentation. The voice acting was ok, that stuff doesn't bother me as much as it does some people. The jokes were good and I had a nice laugh. i see room for improvement, but you are still doing quite well for yourself.

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pretty good job, just wish it was a bit louder

@talkingtrousers how does 99% of your review have anything to do with this flash?

Yeah, you kinda just did talkingtrousers. Overall I enjoyed the flash because of how it showed how both sides celebrate it. The mic quality could be improved but it's certainly not horrible either. Keep up the good work.

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Slightly choppy animation, weak voice acting, art is fine, overall message is clear, overall effect is weak

I'm not going to harp a christian anthem, however topically I find this animation starved of any real content. Your view of Easter, the passover and fasting are hackneyed and shallow. I'm right there with people in protesting against the extreme and objectifying commands of the old testament but surely your ignoring the fact that Easter's profound due to it's emphasis on family unity and the message of a saviour. I agree the ties of the past linger on in fasting but the generations of kids growing up today are becoming more and more undisciplined, you just have to look at the underage pregnancies, premature alcohol abuse and hedonistic selfishness that the world has become so liberally associated with.

Shit, I do seem christian in saying that but the easter bunny isn't gonna do fuck all for anyone. It's a simple opium for kids that replaces the ethics and discipline that older generations gripped tight to. I'm caught in the middle between christians that are far too conservative to embrace modern world values, shovelling beliefs in peoples faces and self-worshipping atheists who're far too pretentious to see that they're irritating people who keep their beliefs to themselves.

Either eat chocolate and rot in a box or eat chocolate and hope for the best.
While i'm reviewin' your mic quality is terrible and muffled, though I love your animation style, it's kinda reminiscent of some cartoon I used to watch but cant quite remember. Anyways, good luck with your future submissions.

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Apr 3, 2012
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