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Hi everyone! I had so much fun making "The Pitch" for the holidays in 2010 that I really wanted to make a Passover sequel. I finally got a chance, gathered the cast and made "The Focus Group" a reality! I hope you enjoy this ridiculous send-up of spring holiday traditions.

Big thanks to the Newgrounds community for Daily 3rd Place, front page, lots of views and some interesting and unexpected religious discussions in the reviews!


not bad. not sure what all the traditions were you went through with the religious side, but i enjoyed it.
coming form a family of germans, we enjoy horseradish, lol.

A good video on the seriousness of life. Of course it all comes into perspective when you realize that one side is based upon symbolism and tradition passed down for thousands of years and the other is based upon some high dude working for hallmark that brainstormed for a few minutes. None the less, entertaining animation, I was waiting for it to go horribly wrong in regards to religion bashing but it never really got to bad. In addition to the perspective mentioned earlier, the video is based upon focus groups which are for some reason determining which optional holiday will be included on the calendar for that year. I tried the passover meal once and it actually wasn't that bad until the horseradish, luckily one small dip of it on celery was enough.

While religions exist we will have to suffer for nothing.

I'm jewish yet I thought it was kinda humourous, keep up the good work!

Rephrasing talkingtrouser's comment (which I mostly agree with): In my opinion, you were kind of over-discriminatory of Passover in the way you compared it to Easter. You identified a lot of true points of the holiday, but mostly through the way the Old Testament described them. I was invited over to a close friend of mine's Passover Seder on Monday, and quite frankly, it was really quite a nice experience. You emphasized the negativity of Passover and then compared it to Easter.

And just to try and clarify I'm not trying to piss anyone off, I'm not saying that Easter is in any way less than Passover. Both have morally positive parts, and morally negative parts.
A good animation overall, though. I found your opinion interesting.

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Apr 3, 2012
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