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FrogMan the Series Episode 2

rated 3.13 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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Apr 3, 2012 | 7:13 PM EDT

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Author Comments

EDIT: 5-25-14 I have uploaded a video version as well, so now, if anyone even cares, this should now be able to be viewed on a mobile device. The video version isn't the best quality 'cause I don't have the source files any more, but it's the same version taht's up on youtube! I have also fixed the errors in this description.

Wow, I was finally able to get this up. It took so much work getting this to an .swf and actually be less than 20mb, but I did, and the quality isn't too bad either.


Title: Every Hero Has A Chick

Run Time: 9:54

Original Air Date: 9/25/10

Description: Wise Frog thinks that the show is "boring" so he enlists the help of Billy to create a new character for the show. Meanwhile, FrogMan and Toady Have a bet that Toady can't dig to China.

For the longest time, only episode one was on newgrounds. Hopefully now I can get the rest here too (doubt it) but, you can always watch them on youtube...

Well, enjoy.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I think this turned out better than the first episode. The voice acting is even better than in the first one, and now you also have some better animations. The quality of the flash is still poor, so you still have a lot of work to do. But you are improving and that's what counts in my book.

The sexual jokes may not be to everyones liking, but it's just a fact that we can't all have the same sense of humour.

Overall, some improvement compared to the first episode, but you still have a long way to go.

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artistunknown responds:

I'm glad that things seemed better in this episode, I always thought it was better. The main reason for the poor quality of things is because the program I used was so limited. I actually switch over to flash in episode 4 so things get a little better then. And I get what you're saying about the jokes. Some people like them, most people hate them. I still like them, but I've grown a bit since this and I tend to not have a lot of sexual jokes in my stuff now. Thanks for the review and I hope you watch/review the others as well!


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

This is, I feel, worse than the first episode. The sexual jokes in here, go unappreciated to me. I feel like they're just thrown in to be put in. The execution of this episode seen to be lessened.

I'm not sure if the woman jokes got to me, or if this was just boring me. The fourth wall breaking feels a lot less impact given the show hasn't had much of a fictional world built up at all.

Sorry, but I just can't see this being a good series without a serious rewrite. I understand it's old and all but...this is just done so poorly in my opinion.
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artistunknown responds:

They are kind of put in there just to be in there, but Wise Frog is supposed to be that stereotypical perverted old man, so there is somewhat of a purpose for them. This episode did always seem a bit boring to me, though when it's just introducing more characters, what can you expect? And like I said in my last reply, there actually is a lot of backstory to the world and characters, but only I and a few other people know about that. So I can understand it not being inpacting. it's my fault for releasing what it essentially a series to a big story, without releasing the big story first. And don't worry, there have been several rewrites. There's sexual jokes sometimes, but I have tried toning things down a bit while still keeping the original nature. I think the writing gets a lot better after episode 5... unfortunately those episodes have still yet to come out. Thanks for the review!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Whoa, it's awesome to see another submission from you. You should definitely make a sequel to your Lego Land series with all the latest improvements! Onto my review:

What was that faded scene at the beginning with the talking before the frog wakes up? Anyway, when FrogMan wakes up and proclaims that he's had a horrible nightmare that he was offered a TV show from "some random homo," and realizes it's true, it's a bit cliche.

Kind of like in the Fairly OddParents when Timmy says he hopes something doesn't happen and somebody else says it happens in the exact same wording - it's forced, cliched humor.

The frog's anatomy needs some work; most notably the bump in his leg and his odd feet. During the rap, the voice seemed rather unenthusiastic. (possible reference material: the rap battle from Regular Show)

again, useless censoring since i'm pretty sure we all know what's being said and what's happening. Props to you for being the 1% who is aware of the television ratings and their subdivisions, though.

Hmm, the frogs that have an entire TV show devoted to them complain? that's a bit... unusual but i'm sure they have their motives.

is it just me or is it awkward when one person is talking? all i can focus is on is the other frogs staring into space.

having the characters interact in real life environments usually feels awkward. the dialogue is pretty funny and well written, so congrats

I can respect the fact you have the patience to do a ten-minute video. I'm trying to pull fifteen-minute episodes out of my ass and I get bored when I get to four. I'd also like to thank you for actually responding to my criticism in a mature fashion - that's really rare these days.


artistunknown responds:

Well, thanks. I enjoy critisizim (as long as it's useful). Like many of my other recent submissions, this is a bit dated (not by much though, around septemeber of 2010 to be exact). The beginning scene is a flash back to the first episode where I offer FrogMan the show and he accepts, if you haven't seen it yet, I would recommend it, it's not that strong of a first episode, but it's still a pretty good 7 minute short.
A lot of the cliche-ness is because of at the time I still hadn't mastered writing, so some times things might seem like that, but other times (if you like that kind of thing) it helps the scene and improves humor, very rarely though.
Yeah, a lot of the drawing is a little poor since I don't have a tablet, I'm a much better artist than this, and I'm still trying to define my style in flash. In these earlier episodes, we were still a little inexperienced with voice acting, but I assure you, we have gotten a lot better, and more confidant.
Well, in this case the censoring isn't entirely useless. This time around it's about making money! Well sort of, when we actually get around to selling DVD's, they will contain the uncensored versions (with original unedited footage) so it's to give people something worth buying, and cause again I'm trying to keep it somewhat family friendly, although in some episodes w go over board...
Yeah, the television ratings was something I had thought of early in production, just something to make it feel like it was on tv (guess that's another reason for the censoring, lol) but yeah, when making those ratings, I actually put a lot of research into what falls under what rating and what sub category.
Well, the only one that truly complains is Wise Frog, but he's just whiny like that, so yeah.
Yeah, at times I wish I could go back and add more things happening in the background (like in the breakfast scene, people eating, and Toady drawing) But because of lack of time (and laziness) things were cut. In more recent episodes there's more interaction (still no character blinking though...). Yeah, their blank staring can get a little distracting, sometimes I comment on it when we do commentary on the episodes.
By real life environments, I'm supposing you mean when the animated me was in a live action area? If done right, animated characters in a live action environment can look really cool, obviously not in this case though, it's just a cinematographic form I've been interested in. I tend to do things like that sometimes. Thanks for the compliment on the dialogue. That's something I'm good at is writing dialogue, plus I know how the characters are, so I can work really well with it and almost come out with borderline genius things (not this obviously, future episodes, oh yeah.)
Yeah, whenever I make an episode I hope for the length to be around 11 minutes (again, referring back to making it feel like it's on tv) but I haven't hit that mark yet, close, but no. Really I have no clue how long an episode is going to be, I just write 'till I'm satisfied and then animate. Usually when I write a script, it seems like half a page turns out to two minutes (so a four page script usually is an average episode). I've had scripts that turn out like 15 pages long, can't wait for those eh?
Hey, if you can't take criticism , should you really be making things? Without people to criticize, some things would never get better, and would always be crap. I always look forward to what people have to say (as long as it's something recent and I can actually improve...).
Well, thanks for the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Oh, and if you want to follow the series, I'll send you a pm with all the details about it. Currently there's four episodes, with about 100 or so on the way, not exactly sure how many. Most of them haven't been fully written, but again, I'll send you a pm with the details.
Again, thank you.