Escape Stupid Room 3

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A really funny point 'n click game!!!! we have to escape from another stupid room!!


Here is how to complete the game:
1. First go to the place where the oven is,you will see the highlighted portion in the top right corner
2. Click on it and it will show you a symbol remember the colors and go to where the Video game is
3. click on the symbols to change their color and open the drawer and take the glove
4. Play the video game and win to get a hammer
5. Use the hammer on the main door and the wooden barricade will fall off and take the piece of wood
6. Use the glove on the cactus in the oven room (5 times)
7. After the Cactus falls off,take the worm
8. click on the lower right side of the table stand near the Cactus and take the knife type thinge
9. Remove the table cloth from the table and combine it with the wooden piece
10. Go to the main room and use the combined wooden piece and table cloth on the Picture of the Dinosaur and Volcano to burn it up
11. Use it to burn up the grain in the video game room and get the scissors
12. Go to the T.V room and click on the bottom right side of the T.V to reveal the words CaNaLi (Ca=20 , Na=11 , Li=3) now use the code 20113 on the safe in the main room and take the phone book
13. Click on the Blue Phone book then click on PhoneBook on the right side of menu,now click on Favorites,a name Leny will appear click OK and then a number will appear 3364366364
14. Use this number on the table Cupboard in the oven room (Triangle=3 , Rhombus=4 , Polygon=6) click on the shapes according to the number to open it and take the round Flask
15. Combine the Knife Thinge with the Flask and the the worm with the Flask to get a poison worm
16. Go to the T.V room and use the Poison worm on the fish,now take the fish and click on it and use the scissors on the fish to make a key and escape from the Stupid room

I hope this helps :)

This... was really bad, and some bugs that makes the game impossible.

nellecter responds:

wow =) i'm sorry

Was defiantly very difficult, got up to the part where you get the worm and i get the worm and the glove stuck in the space with the bottle opener? i have no idea what it is. but still a good game

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Fix the video game, it's nearly impossible to beat.

Keep up the good work your doing in this series. I found an irritating problem with trying to combine items when I did not yet have all the items. Rather than the item snapping back to its original place in the inventory it would stick to my pointer, and if I clicked again it would get stuck underneath of the other component I was trying to combine it with. You should also add some sounds and text. Sounds like the jiggling of a locked door knob or a negative sound from an electronically locked box give positive feedback rather than silence making me wonder if the battery is low in my mouse and my clicks are not registering. Text will describe an object so that I'm not questioning wether Its a PDA, cell phone, calculator, or TV remote. I'm looking forward to number four.

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nellecter responds:

thank you! finally a constructive criticism! I know it is not perfect but I had never seriously thought publishing my games. thanks again! (sorry for my English)

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2.78 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2012
5:17 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click