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Author Comments

A challenging little game I made.

Credit to 5krapbrain for the awesome audio tracks.
http://soundcloud.com/5kr apbrain

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i think it's obvious how much work was put into this, too difficult for me but still a very good game (:

I think this was a brilliantly retro game. Rare to find a skill game that is this fun. I only got to the 8th level before I moved on but definitely nice. Simple. I also really liked the music. My advice if you want a higher score is to include some kind thruster or slower mechanic. I would give it gas and limit the amount every level. This would make the game easier and probably more popular if you are into that kind of thing. If not I understood because I liked this.

SupaByte responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I'm now working on a new game, similar to this but far better in terms of its performance and graphics. I'll keep these points in mind for my next game. Thanks a lot.

I love it. It's simple yet very entertaining. It has that "just right" level of difficulty that keeps you trying but not punching your monitor. The mechanics are clean and self explanitory. I don't feel right giving it any higher than 3.5 though considering it's extremely short length and lack of content advancement. For what it is, though, it's very well done. Thanks for the great game.

I do find this game challenging as you wrote, but I have to say, it's almost 'too' challenging. To the point that I actually dub some levels impossible due to it feeling like I'm speeding up when I should not be. Also because the game (that I know of) lacks a pause button, as we speak I'm smashing into walls. This game reminded me of The Silver Surfer, and no one could beat that game.

The fact you actually needed to implement a 'skip level' button suggests your game right there is too hard. For the most part, I didn't have fun. The look and feel of the game is poor. There was also no point in giving someone extra points for thrusting off walls because it was not a bonus thing, it was NEEDED to actually beat a level. I won't lie however, the ONE thing I actually liked about this game was the music, however again, with lacking additions, increasing difficulties starting at IMPOSSIBLE and ending at STOP PLAYING just isn't fun. Work on the look and feel, controls, ship, areas, spaces, and perhaps an actual story. I would have to give this the minimal passing grade, souly being saved by the fact that the music is good and the challenge keeps you playing (for a bit.)

Again, I understand it's suppose to be hard, however with such difficulty comes simple disprovable ratings.

You were right when you wrote in the description that this was challenging. Even if it is quite difficult, it is still a very good game ... Only thing I think you missed out are some upgrades for the ship (for example an upgrade for the steering or the thrust of the engines).