Nuclear Justice 2084

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The 80's are back in the future in this relentless Defense-Brawler mayhem!! Keep prisoners from escaping their nuclear jail, collect their lunch money and use it to beef-up your defense and your fighting skills.

Hey guys ! We just added K,L to controls, hope itâEUTMll be better for non-qwerty keyboard users, sorry folks !


It's got potential. Fun game but the controls need some work. Like it's been said the combos inputs are kinda spotty, I blame it on the fact that the framerate seems to jump around randomly which could be due to alot of stuff going on at once, namely the gaurd's guns flashing, the dust clouds on the ground, the flames, the puddles on the floor, and in the last level the electricity in the background. It's not a huge slowdown but the fact that moving a certain amount in one direction can cause the framerate to suddenlly jump or slow to a crawl which makes combos incredibly hard to pull off since the speed is constantly changing. The combos don't need to be fixed, just the game needs to be edited a bit to make them easier to use.

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I was going to give this a 5-star rating, but after playing it, I had to change my mind.

Great graphics and sound, but the combo system? Poorly implemented at the higher levels. I actually tested it out by creating macros that would execute the combos at different speeds, testing to see if it would function. 90% of the time, it didn't work at all.

Beyond the combo system, good game.

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A great concept, but I've encountered this bug that delays the keyboard input, making the game very difficult. Please fix!

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Failed combo system. Doesn't work most of the time
Unresponsive running.
Enemies are very hard to hit when they are hitting the doors.
Guns don't do much? Why?
Upgrade system needs to be improved.

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a fun game but hey what is the upgrade menu song i would really like to get that song.

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3.94 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2012
11:58 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler