The Avengers Plot

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This is the third plot prediction. Remember, if you have a game or movie you'd like to see made into a plot prediction, let me know... just make sure it's an UPCOMING game or movie.


hilarious but lets not forget that captain America beat the $#!+ out of iron man in the marvel civil war. also, yes, thor can fly. AND WHERE THE FXXX IS EDWARD NORTON!?!?

HE FORGOT HULK!!! but lol dat wuz funneh

That's supposed to be Mark Ruffalo.....? Good cartoon regardless. LOL @ Hawkeye and Black Widow being ignored.

eh i was looking for something fun and action like but instead i get a poorly animated video with awe full jokes and pretty bad voicing but I've seen better i would give you a title to do or a few but you might ruin it and that would be kinda depressing

That was a horrible attempt at being funny sorry I just didn't think you thought this out very well, also the animation left much to be desired showed no action, or really any of the enemies what wast he point of showing loki for like 2 seconds, you never showed hulk form or anything like that.

Seems like a m rated version of this with lots of cursing and gore would have a better chance of being funny and entertaining.

I'm not really into t rated stuff thats almost kid friendly if you take out the pointless cursing in this flash.

MegaJamesStudios responds:

I'm sorry you can't laugh at anything that doesn't have bloody violence, constant swearing, screaming and yelling, and boners flying every where, but that's what the Awesome Series is for.

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Apr 3, 2012
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