The Avengers Plot

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This is the third plot prediction. Remember, if you have a game or movie you'd like to see made into a plot prediction, let me know... just make sure it's an UPCOMING game or movie.


Sooo Funnny!! Really Loved IT!!! the animation was great and the jokes were clever and downright funny. KEEP IT UP!!!!

can I join your super hero's Action team I can Voice act for ya if you want! also I want to be the random person ScaryMovieGuy And Be Screaming Like OH yeah Baby Mmmmmmm Mountain dew Oh yeah Wasssss Uuuppp!!!!!

Really liked it! Nice fun Parody of a hype movie with a lame story.

I liked the artwork as usual and the animation was decent.

I also liked the humor as it was rather clever. But I was wondering, where were you trying to go with this parody anyway? Is this supposed to be like an introduction sort of thing where they try to get to know each other. Because I kinda got confused when you said plot in the title and it just showed the team introducing themselves. Not really wanting to nitpick too much and don't want it to ruin the film for me, more of a thought for what more could have been done with this parody.

eh i was looking for something fun and action like but instead i get a poorly animated video with awe full jokes and pretty bad voicing but I've seen better i would give you a title to do or a few but you might ruin it and that would be kinda depressing

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Apr 3, 2012
7:09 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody