Hood Episode 3

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The Wolf, having discovered who sent the demons to kill him, plans to hunt down and slay the witch once and for all. Afterwards though he must decide what his next plan of action is to be.

I uploaded a walkthrough on youtube, but please try to beat the game without using it. ^_^


I CANNOT believe you pulled that Slytherin shit on me! And the reoccuring pop-up imp! At night and on headphones?! D:<

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u skared the freak out of me. i was freaked out after i looked at the grave stones with the ring, then people started sing ring around the rosie. it was freaky. then, the weird guy starts popping up on my screen, and then hey says somyhing about lies and it was FREAKY. other than the strange occurances i liked the game.

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Just yesterday i playd the first two parts,
glad that you made 3rd one, now i just have to wait for
the 4rth episode.
A very cool game, nice details, graphics, and good puzzles, took me some time to get
the enchanted drill, but it was nice to finnaly finish the game. :D

Great game! It sure makes you wan't to continue the series untill you finish it.

Perhaps I'm just too good at puzzle games (I mean, I've beaten every last one I ever encountered... including the random ones that are built exclusively to people off for a while), but this seemed a bit shorter than your previous ones. That and, though I did manage to figure it out, that riddle for the pointy thing is unlikely to be properly interpreted given the existence of... well...
To avoid a spoiler, I'm going to pose this as a riddle:
- Where stones are placed and titans pace, there's riddles none, yet some misplaced.

That said, because I did ultimately figure out the issue, so it's not going to reflect in my rating. I was hovering around that spot for a little while before I figured it out. Though I admit, I did laugh pretty hard at some of the pumpkin-in-hand descs while I sorta wandered about, so that was time well wasted, as they say. :3 Keep up the pumpkin trend, I'm loving it!

Additionally, I must agree with the others regarding the flickering green thing in the cave. Quite creepy indeed. You did a very good job with that part as well as the music, and whispers and such. It felt like a progression, meaning that anyone (like me) who has ever "perished" in such a game would click back a few times and go back in once this occurred... just in case. I even decided to try and slug him with the shovel... 8D Dead gotta stay that way somehow right? lol
"She lied and you know it." *Be wary of imminent thwack*
Quite interesting indeed. It already has me looking forward to the next one of these. On that note, I'd like to thank you for keeping up with them, as the theme coupled with your creativity has made me rather fond of them... to the extent that "hood" happens to be a favorite of mine. ;)

Wolfie has discovered a bug good sir. D: The... object of conical origins... can be extracted from... greenery, without solving the puzzle first. There is a very small sweet spot on the dial.

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Hyptosis responds:

I was worried about that, I did a crap ton of tests, and by tests, clicking wildly for 10 minutes in the area, guess I missed it. I'll expand the blocking movieclip, thanks!

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Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2012
6:33 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click