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Play the classic game Snake on a grid that grows and shrinks.
The faster you finish the stage, the more points you get!

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Too fast sneak don't you think? It's not too bad because the controls are very fast too but almost makes it hard.
The fact that you only need one apple at stage makes the game easy.
The proposal of make levels shrink and grow up is cool, the soudtrack is nice and when you bite an apple is amazing the sound it makes.
Yeah I can enjoy the game for a few minutes.
For some reason the game just end and takes me to the menu screen.
Keep up the good work!

Every game from mochimedia is crap for one very horrible reason. Commercials in the middle of the game. Screw that stuff.

I literally have this game on my phone. All you did was make it easier by restarting the length of snake after every bite. You also added a terrible soundtrack.

FlappyB responds:

What do you mean, you have it literally on your phone? Snake is snake, I have snake on my phone as well. Or do you mean the growing/shrinking? Cause I've never seen that before.

I like the music. But, there are quite a few problems I have with it.
For one thing, whenever you eat an apple, you restart te length of your snake. This kind of defeats the entire purpose of snake, getting bigger and potentially ramming into your hugely enlarged body.
Next, the instant start from the title screen is annoying as fuck. Give me a 3 second startup timer, don't make the snake charge forward the instant I press start.
The constant constant CONSTANT shifting of small to large gameplay boards is not fun, it is annoying as shit. If it happened after every 4-7 apples eaten, fine. But not every goddamn apple.

Just another snake game nothin new.