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Time Travel Facility

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You play Daniel, a researcher at the Time Travel Research Facility, and now you fight for your life. A failed experiment caused extradimensional monsters to appear all over the facility and only your time-manipulation powers can save you from both the monster and the facility's automated defense systems. Research must be put aside, if you don't get out of here soon, you'll never get out.

[arrow keys] move
[hold SHIFT] rewind time
[hold CTRL] slow down time
[press R] restart level

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this is a pretty neat game. missing some story elements and the wallet however you fixed those things. Koodos!

I am a major fan of Braid, so enjoyed this game immensely... for the one level I could play it. For whatever reason, the game won't move on to the next level when I get to the end of the first. Could just be a problem with my laptop (Dell Latitude) or my browser (Chrome), but I don't know.

The platforming is smooth and the story is decent.

nice time travel mechanic

It works just fine. More dynamic physics would certainly help this game. The one in Braid allows you to move time forward, so maybe you could implement that at some point.

Nice idea, but needs more work.

Oracions responds:

I am going to improve it. Thanks.