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For those of you that know me from my site, you know this game has been a long-time coming...

Read through the making of process on my site:

Hope you enjoy the game! I definitely enjoyed making it.

As a "defective" minion ship, you find yourself discarded to a recycling center to be scrapped for parts. Fight your way through wave after wave of enemy ships to get to the three boss's who sent you away.

Utilize your special ability to transform into enemy ships and use their own attacks against them to get your revenge!

Also, try to find the two upgrades hidden in each level to increase things like acceleration, bullet damage, fire-rate, etc...

The game allows you to choose between two control schemes, Mouse & Keyboard or Keyboard Only.

Mouse & Keyboard:
[*] Accelerate ... Up/Down or W/S
[*] Rotate ship ... Mouse
[*] Use weapon ... Click
[*] Transform ... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
[*] Pause ... ESC or P

Keyboard Only:
[*] Accelerate ... Up/Down or W/S
[*] Rotate ship ... Left/Right or A/D
[*] Use weapon ... Space or Z
[*] Transform ... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
[*] Pause ... ESC or P

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its a good game but the turn timming was off if you just made it follow the mouse a little closer it would pe better

Well, it a commendable piece of work with several interesting and unique concepts, and whatâEUTMs more the programming and art is quite good, but there are a number of things holding it back, IMHO.

The first thing I have to complain about is the movement controls. Having the left/right movement be entirely dependent on which direction you are facing is an extremely awkward way to move, at best. Asteroids got away with it but I, personally, like to thing gaming has come a long way since then.
WhatâEUTMs more, there is a bug that prevents a player using the keyboard only set-up from rotating left while moving forward and firing; it doesnâEUTMt seem to be a terribly uncommon bug in flash games but as is it is practically impossible to fight using the keyboard only set-up.

You don't really need to shoot anything, though, which is my second complaint. This game seems to be stuck somewhere between a 2D shooter, a puzzle shooter, and a maze game. Shooting the enemies does no good; they re-spawn as fast as you can kill them. You did have to find and shoot certain thing, like bombs or breakable blocks, but most of the time it was best to just run through the level, ignoring all enemies.
Because of this there was no point in the game where there was a need to use a different ship type, and in fact it would have slowed me down to stop long enough to kill a single type 3 times; the small black ships were easier to kill and their drops were more useful. Since playing as the enemy is the most unique part of the game I found it rather disappointing that it proved to be unnecessary. It wasnâEUTMt until I got the game-over bonus and played around with the eternally-full bars that I even realized what all of the enemies do (and, actually, IâEUTMm still not entirely clear how the yellow is all that different from the blue, aside from having a concentrated shot rather than a spread shot).

The level designs themselves, enemies aside, were fun; especially the later ones where the bombs featured heavily. Having different types of blocks that could variously be destroyed, stop bullets and motion, stop bullets, or stop motion was quite clever but when youâEUTMre fighting or running from 5 enemies at once it was often difficult to tell one type from another since they were all just shades of gray; using more obvious visual clues to differentiate them, like you did with the bullets, would have made the levels easier to comprehend.
Bullets, too, were often hard to pick out; they were colorful, unlike the blocks, but were so small and had so many particle effects that they were almost impossible to recognize against the complex background while attempting to navigate with the aforementioned controls. Either the bullets needed to be bigger or the bullet-trail effect needed to be smaller (or a different color, or something).

The bosses were pretty humdrum, too. The boss levels did have various things in them that could be used to help in the fight, if you could maneuver well enough, but failing that I found that all 3 could be easily defeated if you just concentrated your fire on them and ignored all other enemies, which made the battles, especially the final level, something of an anticlimax.

IâEUTMm coming down on you pretty hard because by the look of this game I think you can do much better. The game was well put together; the music was appropriate and never really got tiresome, the art and story were fine, as was the coding, and many of the concept used were interesting but the devilâEUTMs in the details and there were too many little annoyances and letdowns while playing for me to fully enjoy this game. When it came right down to it the biggest challenged this game offered was in simply getting the ship to go where you wanted and thatâEUTMs really more of a frustrating experience than a fun one.

ForTheLoss responds:

Wow. Just want to firstly thank you for that very well-written review, I really appreciate it.

In hindsight (I completed this game back in November 2011 and have since moved onto a bunch of other projects) - I agree with everything you said. The thing is, it was too late for me to do much about anything being that the game was finished (can't really go and revamp the core engine / levels without building the entire game from the ground-up again, you know?)

However, as it seems with most of the games I make (typically all 5 so far have been different genres), once I release them and see the feedback, I keep all the criticism at hand for when I eventually create another game in the same genre. Obviously the movement here was the biggest downfall, so that'll be my biggest priority when working on another game similar to this (which, actually, I am at the moment).

Anyway, thanks again for the review and for playing the game all the way through. About that movement bug you mentioned, I think I know what you're talking about. If you're experiencing it a lot - then I think it's your keyboard. I have two keyboards, one works great, the other produces the kind of bug that you mentioned - if a certain 3+ keys are down, sometimes the 3rd or 4th won't register.