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Travel with Target Practice the elf as he searches for the orb of shadows in ancient ruins in order to stop the undead invasion! Arrow keys to move,space to shoot. Go to the exits to proceed and get at least 200 points to use a continue if you die.


the game glitched out on me, the map screen no longer moved and my arrows just stopped on monsters and didn't vanish, the health meter and food meter started moving around respectively to the character but the map wouldn't move.

I don't know if there are bosses or upgrades but the game needs some polish.

-improve player speed, add stat points, AI companions, equipment, mouse aiming, and polished graphics/ more detail.

i could really care less about graphics though if it has a real good rpg play to it.

good work but it needs easier shooting (like mouse aiming)

There is no explanation on this game, even control is not explained. The graphic use pixel style, but the detail is very low, so that the graphics are bad. The fire rate of the bow is also greatly overrated, with machine-gun arrow.

The objective of the game is unclear, apart from the Exit sign. The existence of items, and the use of items, is not explained at all.

The game could use some polish, in general.
The graphics could stand to be more descriptive (what are the monster spawners supposed to be?), target practice the elf appears to be a lone triangle, and pieces of the level tend to extend beyond the walls.
The instructions could use some basic proofreading, the music does not loop smoothly, and there is a bug where the entire UI moves around when you walk to the side of a level

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2.77 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2012
12:39 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional