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Yorick's Quest

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Developed for April Fools, Yorick's Quest is a brutal old-school platformer in the vein of NES games and Robot Unicorn Attack. Fight through never-ending hordes of merciless enemies, watch the Princess provide hints of dubious usefulness, and Holy Diver your way to the top!

Arrow keys control movement and Z and X are used to attack and jump.

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Even though the game could use a little more polish in some areas, I found this game quite addictive, very well made and I often find myself playing it.
Here are a few pointers that I've gotten over the hours I've played it.

1- The maximum rank you can get is reached at 20 000. Which is too bad because you can easily reach 100 000 if you are familiar with the mechanics.

2- Distance doesn't matter at all if you're aiming for a high score. You only get 100 points every 50m and it doesn't scale with the combos unfortunately.

3- The points you get grow exponentially in relation to the combo. Which is why you must try to reach the highest combo possible for more points. It is better to get a combo of 100 once rather than getting a combo of 50 twice.

4- You start with 100hp and you will lose 10hp if you get hit. However, health regenerates gradually once you reach a certain combo. If your combo is 10 you will regenerate 1hp every 10 seconds or so. If your combo is 20 you get 2hp, and on and on. It doesn't seem like much but if you manage to reach a combo of about 100 you can fully restore your health if you can survive for a minute without getting hit.

5- So how can you not get hit? One critical move is the double jump. Jump, then swing, then jump. It allows you to bypass the harder areas without getting hit. By the way you cannot get hit if you jump above the game screen so you can use this as a stalling tactic for health regeneration.

6- Pressing down while jumping will let you use the "Holy Diver" technique. Which is the most overpowered move in the game. Is has I-frames during the whole animation and will instakill avery enemy in your path. Which makes it twice as powerfull as the normal swing.

7- Crouching is useless, however the back dash is quite usefull for I-frames, especially if combined with the holy diver technique for even more I-frames. you can practically be invulnerable if you combine these techniques properly.

8- Death will appear if you stay in the same zone for too long. THIS is what makes the game difficult and is a major pain in the ass. It means you have to be constantly on the move. After hours of playing I still don't know when its appearance is triggered but it basically is a game over. Death will instakill you even during I-frames or if you are above the game screen and you cannot outrun it.

It realy started fun with the spoof idea, the title screen and voice acting but got frustrating very fast for a lag of a feel of a progression. I do not mind if a spoof game mirrors the difficulty grade of the games but I do not have the feeling it is even with the feeling of reward you get.

1. The controlls feel smooth but you have to be a bit careful how to approach the enemies.

2. There is at least one spot you can get stuck in with the screen not scrolling backwards.

3. It is hard to read the princess´text when there is so much going on on the screen and you are chased by this grimreeper thing.

4. What does the voice say when you try to go back? Does not sound like english at all to me.

5. After one "swing" the "jump" gets reset. That allows for a "jump", "swing" and "jump" so basicly a double "jump".

6. There does not seem to be a way to reagain health.

7. Does the "swing" combo do something? Or is it just to improve the score? Iam sure the princess said something about it but I couldn´t read it.

this probably would have been an amazing game but you lose point one for the lack of a button lay out since up is a back dash in stead of a jump would have been simple to put up the controls at the beginning also the lack of sound effect was funny the first 5 times then it got really annoying add that with the fact that at times you can go forward only to find there is no way to continue because you went the wrong and that you cant go back and you just haft to wait there to die really good ideas and i really don't mean to sound rude it just put it off for me

It doesn't work. Did I just miss the joke?
I just missed the joke, didn't I.

This game is what Broquest should be all about - hack & slash, with lots of enemies and a random damsel to be rescued.
I chuckled at the obvious references to Symphony of the Night, Ghosts 'n Goblins and other NES classics

The bull spouted by the princess didnt make much sense in most of the cases.
Okay, press up in midair to dodge attacks.
Okay, press down in midair to PWN your enemies
But c'mon, couldnt it have been a little more.. understandable? (Engrish speaker here)

The enemies were relatively easy to kill, though they came in HUEG numbers. Loved that one.
Im really looking forward to the final release of Broquest. Im sure it will be a blast.

Credits & Info

3.84 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2012
12:08 AM EDT

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