Super BroBalls

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Brolax Games 5 Points

We have more great games, bro!

Brome Run 5 Points

Out of the park!

Brovertime 5 Points

Hoop it up!

Super Browl 5 Points

Footsport is the best sport.

High Brore 100 Points

Score 100000 broints!

Author Comments

Hey Bro, are you ready for the most bro-tastic game of the year? Nolax has just what you're looking for! After years of hard work and months of tireless dedication, our latest creation is finally ready for release - and this one's for all of our bros! Combining mouth-watering graphics with cutting-edge brogramming that pushes the limits of the Flash platform, this game is sure to be a winner. Reviewed by IGN as "the perfect game for your bros" and AskMen.com as "bro to the max," this game will have you bro-ing so hard, you'll bro yourself with excitement! So grab your bros, your bro hat, and your bro-tein bars and head to Newgrounds.com for a night of bros, balls, and BroBalls. It's the biggest game of the year - are you ready to bro?

Press space and use the arrow keys, bro! BRO IT UP, BRO.

If you're stuck on a black screen, just click it, bro!

edit: Thanks for the bront page, Tom! Happy Apbro fools, everyone!


you guys below me are jerks and dont how to apreciate som1's work and medals so shut it >:O

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Terrible graphics, terrible gameplay, terrible music. Worst part, there's no end, so it's not like it even takes skill, you can just play over and over until you get a high score. I can't overstate how awful this game is. Just don't play it.

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funny game little addictive but it needs lives

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i think high score goes to whoever can stand this game the longest. seriously buddy, why put a high score button when you dont have any lives? glitchy flippers, music is on a shitloop, and there just isnt anything going on. you're on newgrounds and you settled for a few baseballs and a football, threw it in a box and fisted a ball into the whole boring mess and got front page. doesnt make sense to me. im sure if you put more effort into this it could be decent. idk throw sharks and explosions in there or something.

After one minute it isn't even funny anymore. (It was a maximum of half funny before)
I can't believe, that this was frontpaged, while other great games, where people worked months of hardness, are going under in the mass!

Graphics: 0
Music: 2
Gameplay: 1,5

Sorry, maybe nexttime!

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2.63 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2012
9:31 PM EDT
Sports - Other