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LEGO Land Ep. 8

rated 2.05 / 5 stars
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Apr 1, 2012 | 5:35 PM EDT

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Author Comments

EDIT 2/2/17: Since I've released this series combined into one video along with a new soundtrack, I've gone and updated the NG versions of these with the new soundtrack and whatever other differences there are between the original uploads and the new versions. This was mostly for the removal of copyrighted audio, which has been a controversial thing on Newgrounds lately, but there were also a few timing issues originally, and I've added clearer subtitles to the first part. While it is nice to have a much more fitting soundtrack and to be able to see this in wide screen and just slightly better overall, this does mean that there's really no way to see the original versions of this series anymore, as they were originally removed from youtube for copyrighted music, and now the same has happened on Newgrounds. It's not like it was relying on the music though, it was just there to be there, so no harm has come from this. If anything, I think the new soundtrack IMPROVES this. That's not really for me to judge though. Why am I even typing this? It's not like anyone even cares about this series or is even gonna find it.

Also, since I Just rendered off the individual parts from the master file for all of them as a single video, this means that the original credits have also been removed. That's not really much of a problem though, 'cause who wants to sit through that, right? Part 10 still has credits though, but that's 'cause it's the credits for the whole thing, and the end just kinda works better with credits, I think.

Also also I've gone and replaced those shitty short descriptions with better ones that actually tease the events of the episode. Again though, not like anyone cares.


Blown Away Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Note: As indicated by that... annoying thing in the bottom right corner... this was originally made in 2009, and the quality isn't that good. Quality gets better as episodes progress, and the quality of episodes 9 and 10 are almost perfect, so bear with this and hopefully those ones can be up soon, just have to get the older ones out of the way first. Anyway, I hope you try to enjoy it, even if it is lacking in quality.

DESCRIPTION: While watching the news, Indy discovers a plot by the Evil gang leader to get rid of our heroes, So John and the gang search for people to join their party. Meanwhile, Rick and God build the machine, and the 85th fights Silver Face.

Part eight is finally here, and it's more actiony and has 2 plots, although somehow I think it's going to do worse than part 7...
I am extremely sorry for the text being to fast or to slow in most parts, I tried correcting this problem, but flash kept messing up so I couldn't, I tried for the better part of last night, and some of today, couldn't fix it. Luckily you won't have to deal with having to work to read the text anymore because parts 9 and 10 actually have voices! So look forward to that. But yeah, other than the text being completely messed up, this episode should be fine, again the quality isn't the best, but hey, you should know that by now, and I promise, the quality will be at least 2 times better in the next episode (like 10 times better in the episode after that...).
Something I did do however, was change the horrid song I had chosen for the credits, and replaced it with a version of it without lyrics. It was a pain to do, but yeah...

Well, all this aside, try to enjoy it. All of this is leading up to a final battle, spread out across 2 episodes. Part's 9 and 10 will be worth it, trust me.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, I left another easteregg in this one, same deal as last time.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Definitely a great movie!

Although I can't give it a 5 star, because the photographs are unclear. But everything else, from plot, story, texts, are just perfect!

artistunknown responds:

Yeah, a lot of it is blurry, but the next two are actually clear since I had gotten a new camera at the time. I'm glad you liked it.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Just a suggestion, but generic news music during the news segment would probably be a nice touch. It probably wouldn't make a very big difference at all, but most good cartoons are good because of the tiny details and finishing touches they have.

When she says, "Why are you so close to me?" that would've worked if there was an awkward silence and then she asked it rather than interrupting/asking right after he says something.

So basically, the crew asks random people to be part of their party? wouldn't they look for good fighters instead of randomly asking the first person they see?

while this was much better than episode 6, it still abruptly ended and had the same writing problems. so 3/5 for now

artistunknown responds:

Yeah, never thought about putting music for the new section, I will be putting some music in part 9 though.
It was actually Will that said that, I know, it's kinda hard to tell since it's text. There was that pause there between the dialogue when she walked away, but I guess it could have been more apparent.
Although most of the people they recruited were random people off the streets, some of them they did know (more back story things that no one is going to know, my fault). Maybe everyone in their neighborhood is trusting, and they know they're good fighters, or they're just really desperate...
Yeah, the writing problems will still be present in the next episode, but 10 is actually scripted, so hopefully there's no problems with that one. Again, they will be up tomorrow.
Thank you, and I look forward to you review of the next two episodes.