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LEGO Land Ep. 7

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Author Comments

EDIT 2/2/17: Since I've released this series combined into one video along with a new soundtrack, I've gone and updated the NG versions of these with the new soundtrack and whatever other differences there are between the original uploads and the new versions. This was mostly for the removal of copyrighted audio, which has been a controversial thing on Newgrounds lately, but there were also a few timing issues originally, and I've added clearer subtitles to the first part. While it is nice to have a much more fitting soundtrack and to be able to see this in wide screen and just slightly better overall, this does mean that there's really no way to see the original versions of this series anymore, as they were originally removed from youtube for copyrighted music, and now the same has happened on Newgrounds. It's not like it was relying on the music though, it was just there to be there, so no harm has come from this. If anything, I think the new soundtrack IMPROVES this. That's not really for me to judge though. Why am I even typing this? It's not like anyone even cares about this series or is even gonna find it.

Also, since I Just rendered off the individual parts from the master file for all of them as a single video, this means that the original credits have also been removed. That's not really much of a problem though, 'cause who wants to sit through that, right? Part 10 still has credits though, but that's 'cause it's the credits for the whole thing, and the end just kinda works better with credits, I think.

Also also I've gone and replaced those shitty short descriptions with better ones that actually tease the events of the episode. Again though, not like anyone cares.


I Know (instrumental) by Now It's Art https://nowitsart.bandcamp.com/

Human Sacrifice by Royalty Free Kings http://www.royaltyfreekings.com/

Blown Away Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Note: As indicated by that... annoying thing in the bottom right corner... this was originally made in 2009, and the quality isn't that good. Quality gets better as episodes progress, and the quality of episodes 9 and 10 are almost perfect, so bear with this and hopefully those ones can be up soon, just have to get the older ones out of the way first. Anyway, I hope you try to enjoy it, even if it is lacking in quality.

DESCRIPTION: Commander Jarid finds himself in a battle and Anti comes in to help. Later on, the clones of the 85th encounter the sith Silver Face.

Finally we start getting into some decent episodes. In my opinion parts 7 and 8 are okay, again, they don't start getting good until part 9, hey at least the quality on this one is decent, and the text is easy to read (to my knowledge, might have to double check). I spent all of yesterday encoding these two, so a nice and on time upload today. Also, for some reason I put an easteregg in this one, see if you can find it (if you find it, click on it to see the rest of it). But eastereggs aside, part 8 should be up shortly, and 9 and 10 should (hopefully) be up tomorrow.

Well, I look forward to feedback, and remember that these are old, and there's not much I can do about the quality.


I didn't like it at first because of the silence, sound would be nice but it grew on me. The movie as a whole was long enough to get me interested and not so long as to bore me.

If I may make a suggestion, some of the frames were really out of focus, and I know you said your camera is crappy, but it may help to find an angle that is in focus and do most of the film from that position.
Not that you SHOULD do an entire film from a single location but the position of your camera relative to where your filming.

artistunknown responds:

Trust me, this one and the next one are the last one's that are out of focus. Parts 9 and 10 are actually clear (10 even more so...), plus they have voices. Thank you for the feedback.

I see you have followed my suggestion to use a more memorable logo.

This was pretty decent and i have no complaints. while it wasn't great, there wasn't anything that stood out as bad.

so i will now respond to your response to my review!


>the whole transition thing was supposed to be a majoras mask kinda tribute, not sure if it turned out like that or not...

nope, just abruptly cut transition music.

>I guess I was trying to set up a reoccurring gag, that no one seems to care about Rick's death

understood. though in this series, with the history of poor writing and huge inconsistencies for the first few episodes, its hard to tell if it's just poor writing or a comedic gag.

>I guess a record scratch could have worked there, but there were to many problems with this one as it was, no sense in going and finding sounds for it

so what you're saying is that if it's already crap you'd might as well let it stay as crap instead of fixing it?

>The scene that followed, I don't really know what it was for, just to change the mood I guess, and again reference to Wills attitude, and feelings for Jenny

backstory is usually revealed in a more subtle way and since you considered it "inappropriate" at the time, wasn't there an alternative? i'm going to assume people who look up videos of Legos are probably fairly young

artistunknown responds:

Well, I'm glad this episode seemed alright to you. Not sure what you're going to think of the next one..
I guess you can't really trust anything that's supposed to be a plot device or a gag, since nothing was written down.
Going back to the topic of fixing things, I actually tried to fix a problem with part 8 but yeah, that didn't turn out to well. Sometimes fixing the problem causes more problems, so it's not really worth it in the long run. I will be fixing the problems with part 9, so I don't get any hate for there not being background music in it.
Again, I guess sometimes I'm just to lazy to do stuff.
Not sure what you're going to think of episode 8 (especially with its problems) but again I promise 9 and 10 will be better. These two are the last of the crap episodes.
Thank you for the feedback, and I can't wait to see what you think of 9 and 10 tomorrow.

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Credits & Info

2.04 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2012
5:20 PM EDT