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Ragnarok Eternal

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Ragnarok Eternal is a tale of burrito, grinding, cash shops, and griefers. Don't worry about today's date, this game requires a 12 week playthrough to complete. If you enjoyed the game, please support Gravity co. by following the Blizzard Diablo 3 model and purchase digital gears with real money in a balanced multiplayer game.

Stockholders, chocolate, etc, happy april fools.


now the NG version had a lot of the flashy effects thrown out of the window because there are too many flash apps on the screen already

so if you want to play the version with full effects and NO LAG, follow this link:

http://tinyurl.com/cy563w f
(^remember to remove the space)

Sorry for not working this out properly.

--- known issues ---
1. jumping through lava pit will make your character disappear: please do not attempt to access unfinished content
2. slide kicking Zealotus to death will make your character disappear: my bad

also will include map and keyboard based dialogue in future releases, thanks for the complaints, meant a lot.


Another 5 stars for you! Please make more games! I will play all of them!
I'm not good at reviewing and feedback writing, also my English is quite bad so I can't write anything helpful for you, just can say that your games are pretty great. Thank you for great work!

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So your stats will depend on the little survey thing ?
BTW nice game

Love it, great concept, unusually to find one like this free to play, I love your sense of humor too, "You have the vitality of a shouen manga protagonist" However... if I did wouldn't that mean that I could be beaten to a bloody pulp and still fight, then come back stronger from it? EX: Goku, Ichigo, any non-romance shouen manga protagonist... great game though 5/5, as far as lag goes, it doesn't seem as bad as you made it out to be, it happens a little from time to time, and my computer isn't that great either.

ShadowWhoWalks responds:

well, you don't lose anything for dying, so you are encouraged to be as baller as you want. I'm mostly concerned about the slow-down, which happens in maps with a lot of corners/gradients. It's a little unbearable for me when I use firefox to play this, and I didn't see it coming because the .swf standalone version runs just fine even with an anti virus on.

If you want to roleplay as shounen protagonist transforms into steroid mode after being buttraped, then I would strongly recommend the berserk feat.

A well-made Metroidvania is a rarity these days. I hope you really are considering making a full game out of this.

Some other names for people to try, aside from the one that you can find out ingame:

Hisao Nakai / Hisao Necktie (+ item)
Megaman Zero / Rockman Zero (+ item)
Kenshu (+ item)
Evan Incognito (start with ABSOLUTELY NO STAT OR SKILL POINTS; I think this is how you unlock the "beat the boss with no stat points" secret, incidentally)

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ShadowWhoWalks responds:

very nice, did you take the swf apart? I didn't expect players to dig out the other names as well.
Just to clarify, the last name is just a placeholder, and the game will not reward you for beating it with no stat/skill points invested, the message was just something for ballers to ball through the game. I still need to come up with appropriate reward for players who are balling out of control.

Thanks for the review, full content will be delivered as soon as possible.

well i must say im impessed even though i stoped playing ragnarok sometime ago i must say this reminds me of all the good times playing it

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4.32 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2012
11:00 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop