Escape from Equestria

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Kurt Russell as Twilight Plissken, Who will survive?

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ANNNND nobody can recognise a Los Angeles 2013 parody anymore, Sad world we live in.
Where's Cuervo john when you need him.

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Hey. You cheated! Ah, well. Good flash, but really short. Too short for any noticable flaws, but too short nevertheless.

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Twilight Pliskin! I heard you were dead.

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Instantly got the Escape from New York spoof. Which is a play on the Twilight looks like Snake spoof. Which the game is a spoof of the movie. Things come full circle.

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...that was too short.

I can see the virtue in having it this short, makes your viewers wait impatiently for more stuff to come out. But...I'd rather not be left hanging D:

In any case, good flowing animation, good voice acting (quite accurate) and good sound...so from what I can tell it's gonna be awesome. Definitely loving the post-apocalyptic flavour you got there, kind of makes me think about the mlp fanfic Fallout: Equestria... anyways, please don't wait too long before you post the actual thing PLEASE.

Looking forward to it >3<

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3.84 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2012
2:23 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody