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Escape from Equestria

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Kurt Russell as Twilight Plissken, Who will survive?

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That was freaking' epic

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it was funny but yet epic at the same time !!!

Pony-age! ;P

This was nicely animated, fantastic voices, and and it made me giggle at what 2 things were being combined. And to all the low rating that are really only saying "I dont like MLP and theres alot of flashes on it, so I dont like this"... Do you think there arent hundreds and hundreds of flashes based on Pokemon? Mario? Minecraft? Tons and tons of video games and TV shows have so many parodies, you would pass out. That's something called "Internet". Reviews aren't made for you to complain. Stop being such a fucking hater and rate the flash on what will help the creator. Do you think saying "I dont like MLP" is going to help the maker of this AT ALL? No.

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Ninja Twi! Win! c: /)

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Credits & Info

3.84 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2012
2:23 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody