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DLW4 - Obstacles

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If you have a slow computer I HIGHLY recommend closing as many internet-browser-tabs / programs on your computer as possible for maximum performance. I also have a quality toggle control so I recommend switching it to medium or low if you still have trouble.

Now that that's out of the way, I finally give you the next installment of DLW (formerly known as OCT)! While the length of this episode is around the same as the previous two, the time it took to make it was over twice as long (7 months). One reason for this is because I'm working full-time now with something else so I don't have as much time as I used to to plow through something like this.
The other reason is, well, improvement factors. Every episode there is always more improvement because I keep pushing myself and trying new things. This time I pushed Flash to its limits as I had a rough time trying to keep play performance as best as I can while trying to keep file size as low as I can.

Some frames are heavy in effects/filters so I rendered jpgs for those shots to ease Flash a bit. Now I know that can do the opposite as well lol. After a good balance between using them and no, and keeping performance as high as possible, this is the result.

Drew and his character creation LyDia enter themselves in an Original Character Tournament (OCT) located on a floating island once protected by a being known as Dareva, before monsters and demons wiped out the population. With no one left to protect, she and a mysterious gentleman organize this tournament where the prize is a wish granted by Dareva herself, before she will disappear.
Two successful rounds later, Drew and LyDia already find themselves close to the finals. At the same time, other things have been stirring around. Participants have been killed and monsters have appeared throughout the city. An unknown and "unregistered" contestant makes its way to the wish everyone is after. The meeting place for everyone and everything is the tower at the center of the city and the island.

For more of the story, visit "mythical-human" on deviantART.

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Even tho it's simple and doesn't have the fanciest graphics, it's pretty neat!
The dialogues weren't unfamiliar to me, a good reason for everything, good voices...
And what I particulary found special was the usage of the adio effects! They really add some spice to the animation! The explosions were my favorite part.
It's smooth enough and the characters make their part very well..
And you left me in such suspense, you really have something to leave many of us in such a cliffhanger!
Keep up the good work, man! :D

Now to find you on DA!

Really nice animation and storyline.

Hmmm... Can you give LyDia a voice? Rina-Chan mabye?

nice work with the carators ceap it gowing

I like it a lot. Can't wait to see the next episode and you improve as well.