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LEGO Land Ep. 5

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Mar 31, 2012 | 8:35 PM EDT

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EDIT 2/2/17: Since I've released this series combined into one video along with a new soundtrack, I've gone and updated the NG versions of these with the new soundtrack and whatever other differences there are between the original uploads and the new versions. This was mostly for the removal of copyrighted audio, which has been a controversial thing on Newgrounds lately, but there were also a few timing issues originally, and I've added clearer subtitles to the first part. While it is nice to have a much more fitting soundtrack and to be able to see this in wide screen and just slightly better overall, this does mean that there's really no way to see the original versions of this series anymore, as they were originally removed from youtube for copyrighted music, and now the same has happened on Newgrounds. It's not like it was relying on the music though, it was just there to be there, so no harm has come from this. If anything, I think the new soundtrack IMPROVES this. That's not really for me to judge though. Why am I even typing this? It's not like anyone even cares about this series or is even gonna find it.

Also, since I Just rendered off the individual parts from the master file for all of them as a single video, this means that the original credits have also been removed. That's not really much of a problem though, 'cause who wants to sit through that, right? Part 10 still has credits though, but that's 'cause it's the credits for the whole thing, and the end just kinda works better with credits, I think.

Also also I've gone and replaced those shitty short descriptions with better ones that actually tease the events of the episode. Again though, not like anyone cares.


What Child is This Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Note: As indicated by that... annoying thing in the bottom right corner... this was originally made in 2009, and the quality isn't that good. Quality gets better as episodes progress, and the quality of episodes 9 and 10 are almost perfect, so bear with this and hopefully those ones can be up soon, just have to get the older ones out of the way first. Anyway, I hope you try to enjoy it, even if it is lacking in quality.

DESCRIPTION: After the death of Rick Radical, He ascends to heaven Where he meets god, and a plot to remove all the scum from the world is revealed.

Well, here it is, part 5 of Lego Land. This one is kinda short... more of a filler episode, but it is important as some plot devices are revealed that are going to play a significant role later on. Try to enjoy this one, the next one will be better. Part 6 is more of a comedy I guess... Can't remember right now if the quality is better in the next coming parts. Parts 9 and 10 are definitely better quality wise (and overall for that matter) but yeah...

Episode 6 should be up in a bit (if it already isn't up by the time you're reading this) and then hopefully the next ones will be out over the next 2 days. Oh, and if the pre loader isn't working properly, just tell me, and I'll try to fix it for the next one...



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I did a lot of lego animation a long time ago and from what I see you need to work on your camera skills. Make a rig to keep your cam steady or don't touch the camera. Make more slides per second and make them smooth and not blurry. Adding sounds helps too. Movie maker is okay, but it's not the best to use for stop motion animation. you didn't need that song in the end. Keep working on your stuff and try to get better. Good day to you.

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artistunknown responds:

Trust me, I have gotten A LOT better with my camera skills since the time this was made. Afterall, this was made back in 2009, things start getting better per episode, as I had started to learn more. Episodes 9 and 10 are a lot better, but episodes do get slightly better as they progress.
Thank you for the feedback.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

A few things to consider.
1. Most of the scenes have the wall in focus instead of the characters.
2. I suggest you add 'soft' music to suite the theme of heaven, add audio for the dialogue or if you keep the silent film approach actually cut the scene with a black screen and put the text up. Perhaps you could even make it almost comic book like if you want to keep the talk bubbles up during the scenes.
3. It feels really rushed for telling a story. I read above that it is a filler but take your time. Your god is a grumpy sympathetic old man. You could play with that a bit.

Best of luck

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artistunknown responds:

Anything to do with image quality, I can't really do anything about. This was made back in 2009 and I don't have any of the original images, only the video files. I could add music, but that would only add to the file size, and be more work on my part, getting them to a flash file is hard enough. No I'm not going for a silent film, later episodes actually have voices, the only reason these earlier episodes don't have voices, is because I didn't have a mic at the time. The story feels rushed, because at the time I had not written anything down, the story was all in my head as the broad general makeup of the series, so until ep 10 (where I actually did write a script) they will feel like this. I appreciate the suggestions, but again, there's not much I can do for it.
Thanks for the feedback.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

This first thing is only a minor complaint, but I'll elaborate anyway: the way "Lego Land ep. 5" was sloppily written does not necessarily give out a very professional vibe. I'd suggest at least writing it properly. I remember reading a "Pixar vs. Dreamworks" article that had very sharp-looking logos. If you were going for intentionally shoddy, then I would suggest adding an element that suggests intentional shoddiness instead of pure shoddiness.

don't worry if you did not understand that last part. it's only a minor complaint :)

that scene where he hit something and i think fell over was a nice attempt, though it could've been done better since it wasn't too obvious

why did God tell the guy to come over and discuss something when just a few seconds ago he told him to leave him the fuck alone

how convenient that there is somehow a teleporter in heaven

I have not seen episode 6 and since this ended somewhat abruptly, some of the points I just made are probably going to be false. i'll see when episode 6 is uploaded.


artistunknown responds:

Okay, yeah, after looking at it a second time, it does look kinda sloppy, but I'm not using a mouse right now (I'm on a laptop) but it probably could look better. I guess I don't really hae an explanation for the sudden attitude change with God, idk maybe he's bi polar or something. Of course there would be a teleporter in heaven, duh, God does what he wants :).
Part six is being finished as I write this (had to fix some desync issues) so it should be up shortly. Thanks for the review.