Thank you Edd.

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EDIT: Thank you for Daily Feature and Frontpage, you guys seriously rock.

Advertisement revenue from this movie will be donated to Cancer Research UK (http://www.cancerresearc huk.org/). Don't criticise me for making this just for profit, because that's not what I did.

When I heard that Edd Gould (eddsworld) had passed away, I was just shocked. I really couldn't believe it. He was such a huge inspiration to me, he's the whole reason I started using Flash. Hell, I probably wouldn't even know about this great website if it weren't for him. So this is my way of saying thank you, and while there are probably going to be many others like this, I just felt I had to make my personal contribution.

TL;DR - Thanks for the inspiration Edd.

Also, I am aware of how little animation this contains, but that's not the point. The point is to get my thoughts across as well as possible, so yeah w/e. I don't even know what I'm typing, but you get it.

RIP Edd Gould, 1988-2012.


damn you cancer for taking friends and family worldwide
edd gould,an amazingly nice guy, dies but jackasses like lindsy loham live.
if life were only fair.

Now, when I first read about Edd dying, I simply thought "... who the fuck is Edd Gould?" When I investigated and saw the profile, I was absolutely stricken. And to be honest, I kinda felt bad for not knowing what Edds real name was. I absolutely loved his animations to the point that I forced everyone in my social circle to watch them, which at first annoyed them, but then they loved his work as much as I did and thanked me for it. I siscerely hope that everyone who watches this has a heart string or two pulled, because I know first hand how it is to have a family member die from cancer: it's absolutely nothing to laugh at... hell, I can feel a tear welling up as I write this very sentence from the memory of my great grandmother.

And just a message to everyone out there who sees a random person on the internet bad-mouthing Edd like this, please don't make a fuss over it. It won't change the persons [extremely] sad sense of humor and it will only fuel them, plus I'm sure that the man himself wouldn't want us to make a fuss over something and someone so pathetic. We all know sure as the sky is blue that he's up there, smiling his ass off at all the haters and trolls with a can of soda in hand, thankful that he has such a dedicated group of friends that form his fanbase.

That's all that really matters, now. Edd Gould, if you're somehow reading this through your awesomeness-powered computer and drinking from an infinite soda-can that Jesus gave you, thank you for inspiring not only me, but thousands of other people around the world.

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you just gave me a feel bro.

and i was jst eting to know edd too :'( i crys so hard when i found out

What? Dead? I don't know he have cancer :(. Polish fans say: Good Bye

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