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Update 1 (4/4/12) Patch Notes:
http://flashtavern.newgro unds.com/news/post/704224


Destrocity is a game where you take control of a giant in a populated city and nearby neighborhood. You can slam the ground with your fists causing explosions and damage to anything nearby. Explosions will send the city's inhabitants and vehicles skyward. Climb the city buildings and knock them to the ground. Feast on the people to boost your stamina. Pickup vehicles or vendors and toss them into oblivion. Or maybe you want to perform a devastating elbow drop from the top of a skyscraper? Depending on which gamemode you are playing, you will be able to purchase skills and upgrades to help you along your way. Be wary though, as the city's military will be sent to kill you.


Buggy and boring, but addicting.

look at that moon

This game is so buggy its not even funny. In standard mode, after a few plays, the giant never spawned and it just repeatedly though I died, and in meteor mode i can only move cannon around over a motionless and unchangeable landscape.

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FlashTavern responds:

Hey, TIMESWORDSMAN. This is odd because the version I've uploaded to other sites (FGL, Kong, etc.) work fine but for some reason the NG version may have approved an older, buggier submission. I submitted a new swf a few times yesterday so it may have accepted one of the first ones I submitted. I'll re-upload a version that does not contain these bugs you have mentioned. Sorry for the inconvenience my friend and thank you for pointing this out.

Thought it was a typical brawler game... turns out it's a brawler game but like those tossing games! (Upgrades, days) Addicting, but with the problems of a tossing game: Once you get those upgrades, it's boring!

This game is sooo fun. However, I always run into a glitch where I climb a building, get to the top, fall off of it, and get stuck. I can't move. D:< Please fix it.

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3.79 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2012
2:55 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler