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Author Comments

Update 1 (4/4/12) Patch Notes:
http://flashtavern.newgro unds.com/news/post/704224


Destrocity is a game where you take control of a giant in a populated city and nearby neighborhood. You can slam the ground with your fists causing explosions and damage to anything nearby. Explosions will send the city's inhabitants and vehicles skyward. Climb the city buildings and knock them to the ground. Feast on the people to boost your stamina. Pickup vehicles or vendors and toss them into oblivion. Or maybe you want to perform a devastating elbow drop from the top of a skyscraper? Depending on which gamemode you are playing, you will be able to purchase skills and upgrades to help you along your way. Be wary though, as the city's military will be sent to kill you.


Was this playtested at all? It can't possibly take longer than Day 5 for any player to obliterate the entire city, after which Destruction Mode becomes incredbly boring as you spend each day annihilating the place in an hour and toying with a few wimpy guards for the other 23 hours. This needs to be several dozen times more challenging right from Day 1.

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FlashTavern responds:

Hello, ultimatum479. This game was indeed play tested, contrary to your belief. However, I do agree that the game eventually gets quite easy. I've received several reviews stating it was too hard because of stamina issues, which have since been fixed. But then I get other comments saying it's too easy. Understandable given the array of people that are going to play the game. I will look into scaling the difficulty throughout Destruction Mode so it doesn't get too easy too soon or too hard too soon. I'm sorry you didn't have a pleasant experience but again, I'll try to reach a good medium of difficulty that all players can appreciate.

Woot!!! All my 5 R belong to this!

The lag!!! Oh my god the lag was terrible. Aside from that, this was a sound and decent game. I enjoyed the fun of smashing shit into tiny little pieces, bringing down buildings and such. But the lag was just making everything extremely hard to enjoy. I lagged whenever I got an in-game achievement. I lagged when the results screen came up. I finally lagged so bad that the giant vanished after day three or four, just after purchasing the Ice Slide upgrade. I did notice there was a clock in the upper right hand side of the screen, displaying 0:30. Was this some kind of boss mode or something, where you survive long enough that you have 30 seconds to get the hell out of that city before they drop a nuke? I didn't stay to find out since it wouldn't do anything.

Good game, truly. Just the lag was dreadful. I'm not even running that much stuff. I am using Google Chrome, I have one chat window open, though the chat isn't active at the time of playing. I can't figure why it would lag. Might wanna fix that.

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FlashTavern responds:

Hello, Skysan. What kind of specs are you running on? As far as I know, this game should run fine on a wide array of machines. It's almost entirely blitted, except for the hud, achievement display and a couple other minimal things. The timer you saw was apart of a completely different mode and I suspect it only appeared since you were indeed getting some awful lag. I'll look into optimizing further and see if I can fix up some lag issues. These issues weren't prevalent during my playthroughs and testings and weren't a factor for any players on FlashGameLicense so I was sure lag wouldn't be an issue.

Sorry again! But thanks for the review.

Excellent Idea. Destruction Mode reminds me a lot about the old arcade classic, Rampage. I think you should expand on that. However, the game progress really slowly. Waiting for the stamina gauge to recharge is a chore and getting enough points for the next upgrade takes too long. The game would be much better if the stamina recharge was at least double what it is now.

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FlashTavern responds:

Hey Andrack!

Thanks for playing. I've gotten lots of comments suggesting the stamina either be increased or the regeneration increased. So I went ahead and doubled the regeneration time as you suggested. Thanks for reviewing, my friend!

Needs bigger levels, more upgrades and a 'create a creature' feature wouldn't hurt, just some hats or color, also needs to be 'harder' I destroyed the entire level with lvl2 strength. but VERY good game otherwise!

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Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2012
2:55 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler