Twilight Meets a Brony

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In this thrilling adventure, a purple colored talking pony encounters a man who lives with his dead mother.

I just have a feeling that the bronies are gonna blam this because it makes fun of them. What they'll fail to realize is that this is just a parody, and they should keep their diapers on straight.

Also, rest in peace, Edd Gould. I would not be where I am right now if it wasn't for you.

I found that... disturbing image of the pony porn in the depths of deviantart, and I'm afraid to go back and give credit to the rightful creator. If he or she finds their drawing in this, please claim it. Thanks!

Also, I experiment with tweening animation again. I'm probably not gonna use it as much for future animations because, well, I suck at it.


I... I know girl bronies. I... hang with bronies.
Theyre actually pretty cool guys. Not sure if theyre aware of all the porn though.

Ponies dont have fur...... right?

...... right?

OMG SO FUNNY LOL!!!! epic... the brony was so funny. Merchandice ! porn! tv show! secrets!

Oho, stereotypes. The use of stereotypes can drive some people to insanity. More specifically to assumptions that are wrong more often than they are right. You know that most bronies aren't like that right? Me, I just watch the show because it's fun to watch. I'm interested in fanfics and fan art too, but not the kind of them you show in the video. I mean the normal stuff. Clop things gross me out (but I'm in no position to judge others who do like that stuff) and well, I don't buy pony toys or anything.
I'm not angry at all. I'm just warning you, in case you think that all bronies are like this. We are normal people too, most of the time. And you know that every fanbase has its insane people. :3 We might be a strange bunch, but we're no stranger than other fanbases.

I am a brony and i thought it was really funny you did a good job

we also drawn a porn about you XD

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Mar 31, 2012
1:34 AM EDT
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