Cola vs Cancer (For Edd)

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Edd, you were an amazing inspiration to all of us. The internet will never be the same without you. We love you. <3

(Song: Last Ride of the Day - Nightwish)

EDIT: I should not have to say this, but this video is a TRIBUTE DEDICATED to a RECENTLY DECEASED but GREAT PERSON. Have some decency. Please, for the love of all things good, think before you post disrespectful comments.

EDIT 2.0: Thank you for everyone who came to represent the "good people" portion of Newgrounds. You are appreciated. :) <3

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i will make the one of the biggest wishes of edd

cola with beacon

i still feel bad for edd D:

in case you didnt know it means with edd as a martyr we can look forward to a brighter future

Lynkusu responds:

Yes, exactly! Thank you :)

Damn you cancer!
Hope this future is not too far away from today.
Good work, I respect you for what you did. =)

May he rest in peace.

Lynkusu responds:

Thank you. :) I hope this becomes the future too. I want to see a cancer research fund in Edd's name. We'll keep his world spinning~ :)

In times like this, animation skills do not matter, the thought does. I respect you for giving up some time to actually make a video in memory of Edd, and I'm sure Edd is happy you did this too. :)

As for the trolls, ignore them. They're just a bunch of fucktards that don't even know what cancer is.

Lynkusu responds:

Thank you. :) I would have preferred to have a better quality animation, but I'm still fairly new to it. But Edd really inspired me and I felt like I owed it to him to do something for him. :)

For me, its impossible to say I do not like it. This is a video of a memory to Edd. People that say that the creator is bad, or say that you should not do that, Look under the Submit button!!! This is a memory to him!I did not see his movies, but i am worried about Edd.

Lynkusu responds:

Thank you! :) I'm so glad that all the good people showed up here.
Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of meeting Edd, but I think he was an absolutely amazing person. You should watch his videos! They're amazing. ^_^

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Mar 30, 2012
9:07 PM EDT