Black Body

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Try to reach the target (yellow square) without touching the invisible black bodies.
Black bodies can not be seen, but can be detected

Click on screen to move.

Complete all the levels and unlock the challenge mode.


Wish there was a mute button, but other than that, It's a pretty good game, interesting concept, and +1 to the voluntarily activated.

Interesting concept, although I would agree with Killingyoutwice's suggestion to make the sonar pulse voluntarily activated, instead of having to wait around for the next pulse to map your surroundings, while the timer ticks away.
As an added bonus, maybe you could light up the level once the finish is reached, to show the player just what a maze they navigated through.

deadkidsong responds:

Thanks for your comment.

cool game never seen this type before is kinda like sonar for the blind looking forward to see an upgraded version of it

very good game, I have never seeen anything like it, you have to be very careful and many times, it is also very hard which is an advantage

Interesting concept. I liked the fact that the enemy was invisible and you had to emit gas to find it. If I could add one thing is that you should designate that function to a button rather than moving X amount of paces and having it just randomly activate.


deadkidsong responds:

Thanks for your review. I am also thinking about other ways of detecting invisible objects. You said you like the idea, that is quite a achievement for me. I will let you know when the sequel is available.

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3.23 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2012
9:00 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid