42 Boxes ACT 2

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(Update) Read before you post. Yes, this flash has no story or plot. It's just a comedy. Just enjoy it for it's laughs, not for it's meaning. In fact I poke fun in the flash for having no point or story, so please stop making those comments.

Well it's been 2 yrs since I started this project, and I have experienced a lot of hardships doing it, mostly voice actor problems, or drama, or too much work. I spent a good month drilling 8-15hr days on this flash, and I'm just relieved it's done. Sadly, this file is 3 times the size as the last one, mostly because I'm having trouble with voice syncing and this was the only way to fix it without it affecting the movie too much.

I don't know if I'll make future episodes as this was pretty tiring. Yes I know it's just sprites and most of you will try to blam it without even watching it. All I can say is TRY to view it. At least look into the middle scenes, as those are the best ones. Well other than that, sit back and enjoy.

Runtime 16mins, framerate 14fps


The voice acting as good, but it doesn't seem to have a plot... at all.

Mutteo responds:

Of course it's not supposed to have a plot. It's a show about nothing. A comedy doesn't necessarily need one. Didn't you notice the 3 or 4 jokes the characters were making about the adventure not having one?

Haha One!! of the very best sprite flashes i have ever seen and iv seen hundreds upon hundred be it from newgrounds,youtube,fluidanimations. This simply is beautiful and very well put together everythings in place,as well as the detail on the characters which is huge,cause iv seen some pretty poor sprites before.Besides that This made me constantly laugh Especially Luke the Monk as soon as he said ''I LIKE TOO PUNCH BEES IN THE FACE!'' i lost it and was laughing for a good 3 mins my sides were hurting,im a pretty hard critic,though i haven't wrote too many reviews on newgrounds u gave on others,Hope fully in the future you decide too make more i know it's a tedious long process but i think it's worth it if your making people laugh and smile,and maybe just make it leasurly don't push ur friends and fellow co-workers so hard if 1 person wants too quit it could be disasterous so just take your time and remain calm,after all its team work that makes and project achive praise.I had too add this too my favorites and show everyone i know about this Congratz Muetto you got your self a life time fan And tell the person he played Luke he's a badass for cause of that bee punch!! Take care ^.^

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Mutteo responds:

Thank you very much. When it comes to sprite movies, I feel they should be done as well as this or better. I enjoy making the movies, but I do admit they are troublesome to make. In terms of voice acting problems, it was mostly because I couldn't get communication from them for months, and they were answering emails, it was very awkward. Honestly I've been through 4 Lizs and 2 Damiens, and other characters I had to fill in myself.

Regardless of this, I do wish to continue my work, but maybe I shall try some simpler projects that don't involve so many voice actors. I will do what I can to make more sprite movies for you to enjoy, because it is a big passion of in. And yes, Chris Bell did a wonderful job at Luke, and I will be asking him for future voice work.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more this year, I hope. :3

Over-Nihilistic...with no real plot or belief whatsoever.

Mutteo responds:

You were expecting meaning out of a story whose title is referencing tampons? Besides I was making jokes about how "pointless" the adventure was, so I don't see your point.

Gosh! how do u make these? how much time do you spend doing these? Theyre really good, it can be seen that you put a lot of work into it and also the sprites of the characters are pretty good designed too. I'd love to do something like this but for now i give you 5 stars because it is awesome... Plus i love Final Fantasy.

Great Work

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Mutteo responds:

They take a LOT of patience and diligence. X3 On average it takes me 3 months to animate flashes this size, but since I took so long to get started on this, I compressed it into a month, which involved spending 8-15hrs a day animating and editing sprites. o.o

Thanks for watching it. :3

Fantastic!! Teh best comedy writing this year, along with nicest mix of outlandish voice acting. It's just compelling, graphics aside... wait, this pixel animation is expertly done!
Long and impossible to pause, from beginning to end funny, this is a wonder of tightly packed awesomeness.
Now I know why the Pay Pal hat is out - productions like these cost time and money, but it looks like everything was well spent. I'd better stop gushing now... thanks for sharing this video :3

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Mutteo responds:

Aww thanks, I appreciate the thoughtful comments. :3 Gehehe, I do enjoy making people smile and have fun watching all my works, it does make my day when I labor for months on this kind of work. I strive hard to make the perfect sprite movie :3

Thanks for watching <3

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Mar 30, 2012
6:50 PM EDT