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42 Boxes ACT 2

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(Update) Read before you post. Yes, this flash has no story or plot. It's just a comedy. Just enjoy it for it's laughs, not for it's meaning. In fact I poke fun in the flash for having no point or story, so please stop making those comments.

Well it's been 2 yrs since I started this project, and I have experienced a lot of hardships doing it, mostly voice actor problems, or drama, or too much work. I spent a good month drilling 8-15hr days on this flash, and I'm just relieved it's done. Sadly, this file is 3 times the size as the last one, mostly because I'm having trouble with voice syncing and this was the only way to fix it without it affecting the movie too much.

I don't know if I'll make future episodes as this was pretty tiring. Yes I know it's just sprites and most of you will try to blam it without even watching it. All I can say is TRY to view it. At least look into the middle scenes, as those are the best ones. Well other than that, sit back and enjoy.

Runtime 16mins, framerate 14fps


I really liked it. A tad random, but pretty funny with smooth animation. And don't worry about people judging this negatively, this was a very good piece of animation. Personally, as a graphics programmer I have never been really artistic, just know how to code well. You clearly have artistic talent and don't take that for granted. Continue doing your passion for animation and develop your own unique style. Great video, can't wait to see what you will have in the future

Mutteo responds:

Well random is what I do best |3 I'm the opposite, as I am very artistic but can't code a thing XD I love to make sprites, but I never bothered to learn coding for game design, so animation was the next best thing. I shall do my best to create more passionate stuff like this. Thanks for the review :3


love this
dsnt antone else think the fire mage sounds like taokaka

Mutteo responds:

I never heard of that person. Hmm, I may have to ask her to take part in this, since I don't have the VA for the mage character anymore.

This was pretty damn good, I liked it. If you have ever heard of 8-bit theater please read it sometime and then make an animation like this of it. I swear to you, you will get a fan base that won't stop kissing your ass for some time, and I would also have to say it would be greatly appreciated. Other than that l like your animation and please do the denizens of the net a favor and make some more cause they are pretty creative.

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Mutteo responds:

8-bit theatre was the inspiration for this flash actually, as shown in the credits. I did read the comic and enjoyed most of it but I felt it dragged on in the later pages. Overall though, I enjoyed it and wanted to make something similar to that.

I don't plan on animating 8-bit theater for two reasons. The 1st one being that I'd rather work on my own creations than animating someone else's ideas, even if they are better than mine.

The second reason is that I really don't want a fanbase, especially if it's only because of 8-bit theatre. So sadly I must decline that offer. I do remember TLF, the animator who made a couple episodes from that comic. Look him up, and you shall at least enjoy those few bits of it he made.

I do appreciate the support though as I do have a lot of ideas and I want to work on making more stuff. Thanks for your interest. :3

Most of the jokes are very overdone and lackluster, but I did get quite a few chuckles out of the Green-Male who was constantly being injured throughout the flash. I was, however, very entertained by the animation. It was fluid and simply looked fantastic! Keep using this style and with just a hint of writing, you'll have yourself a phenomenal series. Keep it up!

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Mutteo responds:

Mmm, well I suppose the corny puns and random outbursts aren't the most creative jokes. I do have a better grasp on the low brow entertainment. My Mutteo in NES Land is slightly more witty in terms of humor.

Considering I went to college for creative writing, hearing my script needs more polishing, is rather discouraging, but I guess you can't win them all. Thank you for your review.

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3.21 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2012
6:50 PM EDT