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MAC Escape

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MAC Escape (or Material Acquisition and Combination... Escape)
You're trapped in a room. Who are you? How did you get there? Who cares!? You just need to use your abilities of acquiring and combining materials in order to escape. That shouldn't be any problem for YOU, right?

My first "traditional" escape game, inspired by the original inspiration for escape games, Macgyver.

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Not bad. Having to be at just the right view point for things to work was a bit frustrating, but it wasn't bad. One small detail got to me. The lug wrench. It was only used for one purpose (you know which one!) but there should have been another use for it in order to keep "something" attached to "something" else... perhaps?

Also, Macgyver would have just used the paperclip to pick the locks. Just saying. Good game though. :)

I'd really like to know how to combine things in that game... This fact annoyed me too much to appreciate the game.

goldleader23 responds:

Only 2 items in the game combine, which you can't get until you get outside (will be more in the sequel). The instructions say "Combine items by selecting both items," so select one and then select the other, and they will combine automatically.

Even though I had some what fun the thing that brings this down is the poor anti aliasing however it is fun I 'spose.

goldleader23 responds:

Pixel art isn't supposed to have anti-aliasing, but I see where you're coming from.

Cool but hard.

goldleader23 responds:

Thanks! :)

Pretty bad, the art is OK. But the music is repetitive, the game is too difficult, and you can't even combine items. If you can it isn't obvious how to do so. This game is far too confusing to be enjoyable.

goldleader23 responds:

Combining items is explained in the instructions, but there are only 2 items that combine, and you can't get them until you get outside. The sequel will be adjusted accordingly.