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The LOL Sketch. The result of odd humour and toast.


Animated and created by Splendid Devil

Written and voiced by Vini Babinski, Kieren Owen, Chris Bass and Daniel Kearney

Music by RealFaction and Kevin MacLeod

Dedicated to Edd Gould for inspiring me to animate in the first place.

*Edit* All the jokes and humour were improvised. Nothing was written.

*Second edit* Reading the comments now I can see that a lot of people don't like this, it's our improvised humour, a lot of people seem to enjoy it and a few of you don't. Constructive criticism is appreciated, not a review that attempts to point out every single flaw this animation has. It's one of our first so give us a break. Cheers.


oh my god its a transition ;) that voice is comedy gold ! theres no need for people to point out similarities to asdf because its only a style and your not copying any content or jokes so i can't see why people bother to point out the obvious, i think the fact you tried to make the vocals and sound as random as whats happening on the screen (like toast popping up and then it having a cute/creepy laugh) moves it just that bit away from other animations of this style if you know what i mean, plus its your first animation ! be proud of this for real ! cause theres alot of people like me sat somewhere that wish they could create these type of animations and not just enjoy them :) i know that this review doesnt really help from a crticism or instructional point of veiw, but its still a review regardless aha.

TRANSITION~~!!!!! lmao!!! X'D

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Absolutely greatest thing ever. Sadly edd died so he'll probably won't get better soon. :(

lol transition

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must watch this again drunk and/or high
nice animation!

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3.68 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2012
11:54 AM EDT
Comedy - Original