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The LOL Sketch. The result of odd humour and toast.


Animated and created by Splendid Devil

Written and voiced by Vini Babinski, Kieren Owen, Chris Bass and Daniel Kearney

Music by RealFaction and Kevin MacLeod

Dedicated to Edd Gould for inspiring me to animate in the first place.

*Edit* All the jokes and humour were improvised. Nothing was written.

*Second edit* Reading the comments now I can see that a lot of people don't like this, it's our improvised humour, a lot of people seem to enjoy it and a few of you don't. Constructive criticism is appreciated, not a review that attempts to point out every single flaw this animation has. It's one of our first so give us a break. Cheers.


I'm gonna give you 4 1/2 stars just because it actully made me laugh at one part at least. I don't really get why people are gonna trash talk on this. It was supposed to be stupid humor or at least not your "internet critic" level of funny. I'm tired of people hating on something at least they took the time to try, unlike the rest of you ungratefuls. I'd be mighty unfortunate if people would stop making flashes because all they get is what 12-25 year olds who think that because they can say a few big words it makes them an internet critic....look people its called constructive criticism not lets be a dick on the first thing we don't like...

p.s. it was an ok submission just try a little harder to make it funny not just slap stick and random tangents that in some cases could be funny but not that much in this so good job anyway on the art work and voice acting just try to smooth the voice acting out a bit and keep up the good work.

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Yeah seriously learn your own comedy instead of takeing it from TomSka, your transition, just don't talk through it, also please don't stick to one subject such as toast, and try and make it funny. Toast.. isn't funny, in fact It's probably the least funny type of food (if plain) which it so obviously was, I'm not sure how to even start a conversation with that as a serious subject. Your art work and microphone recordings need work as well.

This really wasn't very funny. The animation was very good. The voice acting was okay. I'd also like to point out that doctors, as in the ones that work in hospitals get M.D.'s not Ph.D's . As some others have said, it was very predictable.

the animation was good, but the humor was incredibly predictable. The toast was probably the only funny bit, and that's because it followed the classic comedy quadruple.

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3.68 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2012
11:54 AM EDT
Comedy - Original